Why Should I Use A Twitter Management Tool?


Why Should I Use A Twitter Management Tool?

Twitter appears to be simple and easy to use for average users who want to socialize with friends or discover relevant news. However, if you have more complicated and extensive goals for growing your business or your personal brand, it will take more time. You need to plan and manage your tweets and benefit from the opportunities that Twitter provides. Twitter Management Tools, in this situation, provide practicality, time and money-saving capabilities that will help you and your company.

Why do you need a Twitter tool?

With more than 200 million daily active users, Twitter is a highly competitive platform. Businesses, brands, influencers, celebrities, etc., promote products and themselves in order to make more money. Growing your account in this tough arena is a daunting task.

In these circumstances, you need to first have a careful tweeting plan. Tweeting too much does not mean that you are a good Twitter user. This may make you seem like a spammer. So it’s important to share a post at the right time and at the right pace. Here, Twitter Management Tools may help you take the right steps.

Advantages of using management tool

Twitter Management Tools offer different types of services and options to utilize Twitter at the highest level. Depending on the management tool you choose, you can:

  • Manage multiple accounts through the same interface,
  • Queue your tweets and schedule them for auto-posting,
  • Manage your Twitter advertising,
  • Track trends,
  • Have hashtag and user recommendations,
  • List your inactive followings and know who doesn’t follow you back,
  • Analyze your competitors,
  • Delete your Twitter history,
  • Obtain detailed analytics and reports.

What kind of a tool to use?

When looking for a management tool, you'll see that there are a lot of different apps, programs, and tools available, all with distinct designs, features, and prices. Thus, you need to consider some principal issues:

  • Smart dashboard: As mentioned above, a Twitter management tool should provide you with practicality and efficiency. Therefore, a simple, efficient and smart dashboard is crucial.
  • Bulk scheduling: To reach the target audience on Twitter, you must post frequently and on time. Thus, the tool you choose must offer an efficient scheduling feature. 
  • Content Support: To grow your Twitter account, tweeting at the right pace is not enough. You should also create relevant and intriguing content. Hence, a Twitter tool that assists you in generating great content is worthwhile. Some tools also provide automatic content generation. Those are the most preferable.
  • Analytics and Reports: You need reports and analytics to plan your Twitter operation and promotion. Moreover, you need further analytics to see your tweeting performance, follower count, and engagement rate.
  • Tweet Deleting: One of the most preferred features of Twitter tools is deleting old tweets. You may sometimes want to eliminate an old tweet, like, or retweet. Searching for and finding them on Twitter may be difficult and time-consuming. Twitter tools make it easy by searching by keywords or usernames. 

4 Twitter tools that will best suit your needs


Hootsuite offers a Professional plan (39$/month) with the features below:

  • Schedule your tweets for auto-sharing
  • Manage up to 10 social media accounts in one place
  • Have performance reporting and audience analysis
  • See all the DMs of your accounts on one screen
  • Syndicate social posts
  • Content creation support


Soaster offers both free and paid management plans (Professional plan: 9.99$/month) with different features. Thus, it addresses the needs of both beginners and professionals. As for its features, it is possible to say that it has almost all of the necessary tools and services that you can expect from a Twitter management tool. With Soaster you can;

  • Schedule your posts,
  • Mass delete your old tweets, likes or retweets
  • Send DM to new followers automatically,
  • Manage multiple accounts,
  • Get detailed analytics with charts and tables,
  • Keep your followers up to date and engaged with auto content generation,
  • Add RSS feeds of your favorite websites or your blog.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social mainly addresses professional users and also offers paid plans. With its Professional plan (149$/month) features you can;

  • Manage 10 social profiles
  • Publish, schedule, draft and queue posts
  • Have customer feedback
  • Auto-reply FAQs on Twitter
  • Tag incoming and outgoing message content 
  • Get auto-search help for the set keywords


TweetEraseralso comes in different pricing plans (from free to 9.99$/month).  However, its free version might contain only a few features, thus, restricting its capabilities. 

TweetEraser is a web-based tool for filtering and deleting large amounts of Tweets. You can use this tool to load/import your tweets or your entire archive, filter them, and delete the results. You can import Twitter Data ZIP with no time-line spam. However, the paid version allows you to reach the maximum capacity and keep deleted tweets.

Final Thoughts

There are several management tools to utilize with different options. First, you should recognize your needs and then search for the best fit. You’d better compare prices before subscribing to one of these tools since some of them offer many options with moderate fees.

To give you some perspective, we just mentioned four of them in this article. We compared their Professional plan prices.

If you are a beginner on Twitter, you will learn what you need to expand your audience over time. At the right time, you will definitely choose the right Twitter management tool that fits your needs.

Updated 09:26 AM UTC+8, 26 Apr 2022
Alyssa Brown
Alyssa Brown
Alyssa Brown writes on Twitter management tools and Twitter tips. She loves reading and learning languages.

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