Published 10:30 AM, 09 Oct 2018  |  Updated 12:13 PM, 19 Nov 2018

Terms and Conditions

Availability and Pricing
KenKarloDotcom sells various gift codes e.g. steam wallet for purchase through our various services. All Game Wallets / Game Credits are subject to availability and we reserve the right to limit or reject any or all orders and to discontinue game credits without notice, even if you have already placed an order. Prices are subjected to change without notice and you will be charged the price specified on the website at the time you place your order.

Using Game Wallet Digital Shop
You must only use Game Wallet Digital Shop to make purchases using your own mobile numbers or any payment means.  
By using Game Wallet Digital Shop, you acknowledge that
• transactions made through Game Wallet Digital Shop cannot be discarded after being started
• you are fully responsible for any duties, taxes, fees, data charges and related charges on purchases made by you using Game Wallet Digital Shop

Cancellations; No Returns, No Warranty 
All purchases made through our Services are irrevocable and provided an 'as is' basis.
Purchased Game Credits are non-refundable, given, however, that if a Game Wallet does not function, we may, in our sole reserve, either refund you the Game Wallet purchase amount or replace the defective  Game Wallet with an alternative  Game Wallet or with products or services of equal value for the same  Game Credit or Game Wallet.
You cannot cancel your purchase soon as you made and receive the payment.

Privacy Policy
You permit to allow us to collect information about you, from you, your Operator, Merchants, and other sources when you use KenKarloDotcom. This information typically includes your mobile number, email address, and IP address, as well as information about the goods and services that you are purchasing. You recognize that this information may be used and stored by us, our agents and our affiliates to complete your transaction, prevent fraud, resolve conflicts, and abuse, and to otherwise render, maintain, and improve our Service.

• The businesses represented are not affiliated nor sponsors of KenKarloDotcom. Each company owns the logo and associated trademarks of each company and/or its affiliates;
• KenKarloDotcom is not responsible for any liabilities, damages, and costs arising from or related to your loss or the fraud of any Game Wallets.

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