10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Laptops Over Desktops


10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Laptops Over Desktops

Is your desktop damaged or entirely broken and you are searching for something that can act as a healthy upgrade? well, why not consider buying a laptop. The literal meaning of laptop is that, it is a portable computer and that eventually means it has absolutely everything you need. Then why not buy something better than your old PC? To be honest, laptops are pushing the desktops off the market table. Now laptops are not just any devices with lids, they are more updated now with touchpads and speakers in the same single unit. You will be amazed to know that now even people like gamers, who were previously stuck to their desktops are not moving to laptops. Your mind still glued to buying desktops? Well, we are sure that by the end of this read, it will be derived from buying laptops. Let us tell you what will you miss on if you will go for a PC.

They are your forever companions

Laptops travel with you, they can fit perfectly in their bag and you can take them wherever you want because they are light and they occupy less space. thus making them easier to carry from one place to another. They are perfect for office going people and students because they are easier to handle. Sitting on a desktop, it gets tiring sitting at the same place for hours and it can also cause severe back problems. so what's better than lying down in comfort and putting all your energy in work. (Check Gaming laptops under 800)

Assemble them in a jiffy

To be honest the most annoying thing about a desktop is its never-ending cords. It takes hours to set up all those cords in place and it gets more irritating when some cord gets burnt or damaged. you have to untangle and check each wire separately, to see where the problem actually is. On the other hand, laptops have no wire problems. They just have one charging cord and nothing else, you don't have to hustle for hours to find the damage in a laptop. Which eventually makes it easy to repair than a desktop.

Less power, less problems

The power we are talking here about is the watts used by both of the devices. Laptops use much less power than a desktop and that itself has many benefits. First of all, you save electricity, there is no fear of burnt device due to power, you don't have to install a 1000 other apps to control the power limit and because they consume less power, laptops don't heat up so easily.

Stored power can save you

Stored power can actually be a lifesaver because you never know when there is an electrical breakdown around your town. At that time only laptops can help you finish off your left off work and save you from your bosses and teacher’s tantrums. What if you are working on a desktop and the electricity breaks down? all your work will be gone in no time but if you are working on a laptop, you don't have to face problems like these. Your work is always safe and secured.

Sleek and stylish design

Nowadays people prioritize how their devices look. Have you seen anyone who owns a mobile phone that looks dull, no right? Then why choose a big block of space occupying box, when you can buy a slim and beautiful device. That fulfills all the qualities of a desktop but in a more elegant way.

Laptops are all in one

By this, we mean that laptops are all-rounders of all the devices. You can enjoy the perks of a tablet and desktop in the same device because now there are more updated laptops. They come with advanced technology, in which you can detach their screens and use them as tablets.

Cool features

Laptops come with some jaw-dropping features that no other device has, for example, there are 360 rotation screen laptops. That means that you can now move their screens for as far as you want. New and more advanced laptops also have the feature of touch screen use. Along with all this, now laptops come with a smart face unlock. What more can you ask for?

Less expensive overall

Laptops are cheaper overall, they are like a one-time investment and lifetime ease. They use less electric energy that means fewer bills, they are easier to maintain and easier and cheaper to repair as compared to desktops. Updating laptops are much easier than updating computers. Moreover, laptop parts are less expensive whereas desktop parts are not.

They sell more easily

What if you want to sell your device due to any reason? and what if it's any kind of emergency? At this time laptops are the most useful devices as they are easier to sell. As they are needed by students and office workers, anyone will be willing to buy a laptop in reasonable prices. You won't have to wait for weeks and months to find a potential serious buyer because there is always someone of the others around us, who is in need of a new laptop.

Easy to use, best for beginners

laptops are the only devices that contain ease in every category. They are best for people who are starting to learn how to operate these kinds of devices or even if they are starting to learn something on them. Desktops are complicated to handle whereas laptops are not. They are best for children, can also be gifted to them on their birthdays.

In conclusion, laptops are the best devices ever made for mankind's use. They are everything a person expects from a device. They are easy to use, affordable, energy saving and stylish too. Moreover, small parts make them less complicated and easy to repair. As compared to desktops, laptops are winning the device race.

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Updated 09:34 AM UTC+8, 29 Oct 2019
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