Why Phone manufacturers keep adding additional Cameras on their Products


Why Phone manufacturers keep adding additional Cameras on their Products

Not too many industries have gone through such a rapid expansion the way mobile market did in the last couple of decades. There are so many brands fighting for their own piece of the market share, but it feels like almost every manufacturer is focused mainly on one thing, and that is to add more cameras to their products.

Somewhere along the way, improving the overall photography experience has become the most productive tactic to attract new customers. This is not a surprise given the fact that users simply love taking better and more beautiful images.

Keep in mind that the number of smartphone users is already well above three billion, while the figure keeps growing year after year. In such circumstances, it would be foolish from a smartphone brand not to make use of the photo frenzy and boost sales with each new line of products.

But we have to ask ourselves a couple of simple questions – why phone manufacturers keep adding more cameras to their products? How come one lens is not enough anymore? We are going to discuss these issues in our post, so keep reading to see answers to the questions we asked above.

The Features of Multiple-Camera Phones

The development of multiple-camera smartphones is still going through the early stages, but we can already discuss the most important features and benefits of using such an advanced image-shooting system. Some of the notable features include the following:

  • Telephoto and zoom — As mobile phones are getting thinner, it is also getting increasingly difficult to introduce top-notch zooming abilities to smartphone production.  However, things have changed with the introduction of the dual-lens and sensor system. Jake Gardner, a content manager at EasyEssay, says the new system replaced optical zoom and made it possible to shoot much better images. The biggest advantage is that dual-lens cameras can create excellent photos at longer focal lengths.
  • Wide-angle photos — Smartphones with single cameras lack the ability to capture wider environments, which is where the dual-lens solution steps in as a genuine game-changer. Multiple-camera phones can successfully shoot wide-angle photos and make them look natural and eye-pleasing.
  • Depth estimation — Another benefit of the multiple-camera system is that it can accurately estimate the depth of the space. Perhaps it doesn’t sound like much at first, but it actually has a very powerful effect. Namely, depth estimation enables smartphones to sharpen the main characters, particularly in portrait mode. On the other hand, secondary details get a warm notion of a blurred background, thus making the image even more beautiful.
  • Enhancing image detail — The whole photo-shooting process is complex and mind-boggling, but the main point is that single-sensor cameras cannot capture colors on their own. While processing images, single-sensor cameras distort the original resolution of an image and make the end product less sharp. This problem practically disappears with multi-sensor cameras because they can record every detail in full resolution. It means that smartphone photos get much more details and look realistic.

Popular Examples of Multi-Camera Smartphones

We already mentioned that multi-camera mobile devices are still struggling to find their place in the smartphone sun, but the truth is that some manufacturers already made a breakthrough with the new form of technology.

There are dozens of interesting products to discuss, but we decided to show you only a handful of models here:

Nokia 9 Pure View 

Source: Nokia.com

Nokia 9 Pure View is one of the most interesting examples of a multi-camera smartphone because it comes with no less than five lenses. All cameras work together simultaneously, while three of them are able to record monochrome images. What we love about this model is that it functions flawlessly when it comes to depth estimations, creating highly accurate images from up to 40 meters.

Huawei P20 Pro

Source: Huawei.com

Huawei P20 Pro comes with a triple-camera and many consider it to be the finest image-shooting solution currently available on the smartphone market. The product takes image resolution to the whole new level, while depth estimations and light gathering properties earn the highest marks as well.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 

Source: Samsung.com

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is one of the best-selling mobile devices globally and one of its greatest advantages comes in the form of a triple-camera technology. With this device at your disposal, creating beautiful and versatile photos becomes easy regardless of the distance, width, or any other factor whatsoever. 

Why Do Manufacturers Add More Cameras to Smartphones?

Now you know quite a lot about multi-camera mobile devices, but there is still one major question left to answer: Why manufacturers add more cameras to smartphones? It’s not a single-answer question, so let’s check out the main causes of this trend.

  • Phones are getting thinner — The first reason to add additional cameras to the smartphone is rather technical – mobile devices are getting thinner and it is getting increasingly difficult to keep the highest level of image quality without the use of multiple lenses. Users demand thinner phones and better cameras, which is where multi-camera solutions come in handy as the only way to combine the two features.
  • Cameras are getting better — Here comes yet another very obvious reason to incorporate multiple cameras into smartphones. Michael Jacobsen, a tech guru at A-writer.com and AssignmentGeek, explains that devices with two, three, or more cameras enhance image production: “It enables phone owners to shoot superior images, which is very important branding-wise.”
  • Cameras sell mobile phones — Let us be straight about one thing here – most users don’t really understand the difference between smartphones and their specifications. But they do know which one comes with a better camera, which is often the main motive to choose one phone over another. Quality cameras sell smartphones and there is nothing that can change this fact in the near future.
  • It’s a marketing trick — A typical mobile device can last for years. Unless you break it physically, you can hardly find a reason to replace the existing product. This is where smartphone marketing steps in to convince users that new phones with upgraded cameras are a must. New details make products more attractive, so it’s always a good idea to keep improving cameras in the attempt to try and win over fresh customers.
  • Competition is doing it, too — A smartphone manufacturer cannot afford to stay passive because the competition is extremely harsh and ready to take over. This is exactly why so many companies keep enhancing their cameras – they want to remain competitive and outperform niche rivals.
  • Users demand it — The last but not the least important reason to add additional cameras to smartphones is very impactful. Namely, modern users are obsessed with selfies and images, so they are essentially buying cameras and not smartphones. Mobile manufacturers are only following the trend and giving users what they want.


It’s hard to imagine a person not having a smartphone these days. Mobile devices enable instant communication with business partners, friends, and families. They also help users to discover new things online and find valuable learning sources. But most of all, it seems like mobile phones serve as the means of taking high-quality images.

Today, almost every major smartphone brand is developing mobile devices with multiple cameras. In this post, we analyzed such a peculiar phenomenon and showed you why phone manufacturers keep adding more lenses to their products.

Do you own or plan to purchase a multiple-camera smartphone? Do you think it is worth an extra few hundred dollars? Share your thoughts with us in comments – we would be glad to discuss this interesting topic with you!

Featured image via Indiashopps.com

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 John Trogdon
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