Ledger Reveals the Next-generation Hardware Wallet — The Ledger Nano X


Ledger Reveals the Next-generation Hardware Wallet — The Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano X: A Bluetooth-enabled that can be accessed anywhere with the Ledger Live Mobile app.

With the emergence of cryptocurrency, there have been so many cryptocurrency wallets available to users. However, for each wallet app out in the open, the most secure place to store your blockchain-based computerized asset is actually offline.

This offline storage is known as the hardware wallet. The hardware wallet is a more versatile upgrade of easily writing down your private key on a paper. Basically, it demands a key firstly to open, and it backs diverse devices linked to the key.

Hardware wallets are increasing prominently around the globe as a secure sanctuary for user's cryptocurrency, as it offers powerful security against any form of loss or theft.

It would please you to know that; Ledger, which is rated among the highest generators of well-known cryptocurrency hardware wallets such as the Ledger Nano S, has debuted its new and upgraded device. This device is known as the Ledger Nano X.

Introducing The Nano X

The Nano X was launched as a hardware wallet to control user’s cryptocurrencies. For lovers of the first Nano, i.e., the Nano S,  Nano X actually enables Bluetooth, and this invariably implies that a user can either send or receive tokens from his/her mobile device.

The predecessor - Nano simply functioned by demanding its user to connect the key to a computer via a micro USB wire to carry out any desired task. However, changing to a Bluetooth-enabled device is only the most logical path to follow up on.

Accompanying the Nano X is a complete mobile application that will be known as the Ledger Live. Through this app, users will be able to access their balances easily and control any transaction.

Ledger Live Mobile will be available in the App Store and Google Play on 28th of January.

An Overview Of Nano X

The difference in shape is not quite much as the Nano X appears to look slightly more or less like its predecessor - Nano S. While it is shaped like a USB but comprises of a screen and some buttons, the screen is however on the bigger side.

While users of the Nano S were faced with a finite amount of roughly eighteen diverse cryptocurrencies, the Nano X is way different. For the Nano X, users can keep up to a hundred diverse cryptocurrency assets. It also backs roughly 1,100 diverse tokens in total.

Similar to other existing devices on the Ledger, the confidential keys do not leave the Ledger wallet. What this implies is that; should your mobile device or even computer be susceptible to hackers, the hackers will not be able to lay hands on your assets.

With its new Bluetooth feature, it simply means that Nano X can be utilized via the user's phone, therefore, enhancing the experience of the user. Its big screen comes as an advantage because some of its security actions are implemented by the device on its own.

The Nano X keeps confidential keys on the wallet. Nevertheless, any application set up on the external digital device is expected to carry out transactions. Judging from the words of Larcheveque, the cost of the Nano S will go lower when the Nano X is officially in the market.

The bigger in-built screen of the Nano X is not the only large feature of the device. It has a large storage capacity as it enables the use of up to a hundred diverse Cryptocurrency assets.

Its Bluetooth easily links to the mobile app, i.e., the Ledger Live Mobile app. The app enables users to review their initial balances properly, regulate transactions and manually set up or remove apps on the wallet. This is executed without connecting the USB device to any computer.

Nano X has CES Innovation Awards Honoree in the Cybersecurity and Personal Privacy category

What Should Users Expect From This Upgrade?

Asides the Nano X's support of about a hundred cryptocurrencies that is visibly larger than the Nano S, another intriguing feature is that users will be able to easily link the wallet to their mobile phones via the Ledger Live app.

The aim of the company is basically to advance flexibility rapidly. This is because hardware wallets that normally link over USB are not typically user-friendly. Now, the application will enable users to build new accounts or make use of old ones.

Nano X will make the sending and receiving of cryptocurrencies much easier. Also, it allows users to track the transactions from a distinct place. Some other things to expect from the Nano X includes;

Memory Increase

A notable feature of the new hardware wallet is its large memory for keeping user’s private keys. The company basically brought about a new specification for keeping these keys that belong to diverse tokens.

Since tokens are rapidly growing in the crypto sphere, it is crucial that the device entails diverse software to communicate with various protocols. And so, the company decided to create separate apps for diverse protocols to aid carrying out transactions.

This simply implies that a user utilizing an application cannot make the mistake of signing a transaction to a wrong protocol. It also has the ability to keep apps for roughly a hundred cryptocurrency assets. Hence, the device has more than six times the storage capacity of its predecessor.


Since hardware wallets normally link over USB, the use of Bluetooth in the Nano X can easily be taken as an issue. This is simply because a wireless link can enhance the chances of unconfirmed access.

However, judging from what was stated on the website, Nano X will provide the highest security. The private keys of users will be strictly kept in an affirmed protective component i.e. the CC EAL 5+.

Basically, it is the actual chip that is used for passports and even credit cards. Also, the hardware stage PIN security and the finite range of links through the Bluetooth should theoretically diminish any risk.

Wrapping It Up

The much awaited Nano X is basically an upgraded version of the Nano S. Users will be thrilled with the larger screen, mobile application, enhanced protection, Bluetooth, and of course it’s most notable feature of supporting roughly a hundred cryptocurrency assets all at once.

You can preorder the Ledger Nano X here that cost US $120.00 and it will be shipped this March.

Affiliate disclosure: KenKarlo earns commissions from the products & services featured on this article.

Images via Ledger

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