Hashmart — Bitcoin Cloud Mining from Siberia


Hashmart — Bitcoin Cloud Mining from Siberia

The first thing to know about hashmart is that though it is quite an affordable cloud mining site. Its major aim, however, is to introduce the globe to the intriguing world of bitcoin and every other virtual currency to the mainstream media.

Back in 2007, Steve Jobs delved into a world-changing adventure by making the concept of modern technology much more accessible to each person.

However, the team at Hashmart today is bent on opening up all of the benefits of virtual currencies to a larger audience. Nonetheless, Hashmart provides Bitcoin mining contracts from its data centers located in Siberia.

It is a formal reseller of not just industry-leading companies but air and cooling innovations as well.

But, before we begin our review on hashmart.io, it is best to give a detailed explanation of what this cloud mining site is all about.

What Is Hashmart? 

Source: Hashmart

Hashmart is a small Enterprise that has a universal goal.

Since millions of people have a smart mobile device, Hashmart is working towards giving people easy access to virtual currencies plus all the plentiful advantages that they offer.

The team at Hashmart believe in the sort of future wherein a person can pay for goods, web purchases, and even consultations with doctors using virtual currencies.

The cloud mining site focuses on offering a highly convenient, easy cloud mining service that is quite cheap for everybody interested.

Also, the Hashmart team consists of:

  • Engineers
  • Representatives of diverse scientific fields, and;
  • Cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and so on.

This team offers users a service that is focused on not just the existing Cryptocurrency community but also at newbies. All of these are the goals of Hashmart.

Anyone can begin investing in the leading innovation of this decade both safely and legally right now and easily get their returns daily.

You can decide to link up with individuals from all over the globe who have practically acknowledged Bitcoin and all other digital currencies and have gone on to make vital profits from all their investments.

Hashmart Affiliate Program

Source: Pexels

One vital service that Hashmart offers is its affiliate program. Here, anybody can actually participate in a one-level referral program.

You can either get a personal referral code or you can get an active affiliate link that will enable you to basically invite new users to the Hashmart service and in turn, you will get a return from every purchase they make. Also, customers will be more than satisfied. By clicking on the affiliate link, new users tend to receive a discount on the contract they purchase.

Moreover, you may be wondering how the withdrawal funds get to be arranged, here it is. All of the assessed return that is received by users are converter into Bitcoin and they are sent every day directly to the balance within your account.

Any other further withdrawal of funds is made just the same way as the reward for mining which means that they are sent to the address of users Bitcoin wallet and of course, without any payment of fees.

Furthermore, the conditions of the referral program include:

  • Users will receive five percent of the capacity paid for every customer that is involved
  • Terms for actually receiving this bonus is for one year
  • The payments are made every day in Bitcoin, and;
  • Each customer receives a five percent discount on the overall price of their purchase.

Hashmart Features

The cloud mining site encompasses quite a number of features on its website. The main aim of these features is to attract users who may be seeking dependable ways to mine virtual currencies.

Hashmart offers:

  • A transparent and clear dashboard that shows users all that is occurring at the background in actual time.
  • They provide real-time tracking of all mining operations.

The site claims that all of its statistics are very transparent and this implies that the investors who have bought mining plans with the company can track their progress.

Yet another advantage of Hashmart is the fact that the miners are not required to buy mining hardware because all of its mining operations occur on the cloud. It is meant to make sure that the miners basically spend less while getting the best return.

Though this is quite generic, it should not be placed as an advantage to mining because all of the cloud mining sites do not ask users to buy hardware. The Hashmart site states that once users buy a mining plan, all mining will start at once.

Also, payments are to be validated at once in a bid to avoid delays on the side of miners. A real advantage is a fact that Hashmart processes payouts every day. All of these payments can be withdrawn into the wallet of users without any cost.

Downside of Using Hashmart

Source: Unsplash

Even with all of these advantages, a very dicey and controversial issue with hashmart is its claims of no payment of maintenance fees.

This is majorly because the whole process of mining bitcoin has an attached cost to it. Also, it does not matter how people mine Bitcoin at a reduced cost, there are still, fees incurred.

Since their data center is situated at Siberia which was reported that is one of the recommended places to mine bitcoin because of its cheap electricity cost, it is vital to ask questions on how the costs of the mining as well as maintenance are being met by Hashmart in the said place.

Although, the site claims their equipment for mining is kept in an environment with reduced temperatures, the machines, however, need to be maintained. Customers also, have to pay for this maintenance.

If they do not, the company will end up not running a business that is viable and sustainable.

However, keep it in mind that mining Bitcoin without incurring costs is not possible.

Finally, as for the feedback of customers, it has been difficult to get proofs that miners have bought virtual currency mining plans and are even making any returns that have been cashed out.

Summing It Up

Source: Pixabay

Generally, Hashmart has a very intriguing and exciting idea with vast features for cloud mining services. And the fact that Hashmart processes for everyday payouts. However, customer feedback needs to be seen from those who have made orders for bitcoin mining plans. Hopefully, something comes up.

Ken Karlo urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company,  organization, product or service mentioned in this content.

Updated 09:06 AM UTC+8, 27 Sep 2019
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