The Ban On Huawei And Its Effect


The Ban On Huawei And Its Effect

There are different phones available for individuals who do not own the prominent Apple phone or even a Samsung phone.

The technologically advanced era has seen the rise of diverse phone manufacturers from different corners of the world, producing various phones. One of such phones is the prominent Huawei phone.

Huawei has done an excellent job to be known not only in its country of origin but also extends further to diverse regions. However, there is an issue currently rocking the boat of Huawei heavily.

A few days back, Google suspended Android's hugest phone manufacturers, i.e. Huawei.

The Chinese company has been suspended from receiving Android updates the moment Trump’s administration barred it from going into trades with companies in the United States.

Basically, what this ban implies is that not just Google but other companies in the United States cannot and will no longer be supplying any form of technology to the Chinese company without the approval of the US government.

So many other United States chip manufacturers have informed their employees as well that they will be complying actively to this new order without fail.

In simpler terms, both Google and chipmakers in the United States have suspended access and cut off supplies respectively to the telecoms company located in China.

This comes after the government of the United States under direct orders from the administration of trump added the company to its blacklist.

According to the statement issued by Google on the issue, it stated that it was complying diligently to the executive order issued by President Donald Trump and is, however, reviewing the implications of its ban.

Later on, Google added that its Google Play app, in which the company enables users to easily download applications, along with the security features of its antivirus software known as Google Play protect would continue existing on all Huawei devices.

However, new versions of the Huawei smartphones that will be manufactured outside China would ultimately lose their access to prominent services and applications like:

  • Google map
  • Google play and;
  • The popular Gmail app

In the same vein, Huawei will keep on having easy access to the Android operating system version that is available via the open source license, which is free to everyone that wishes to make use of it.

Nevertheless, Reuters has reported that with the ban that took place on Sunday, Google will eventually stop offering technical support as well as collaboration for Google and Android services.

Effect Of The Ban On Huawei

With the revoke of Huawei’s Android license by Google, a lot of companies in the United States including chipmakers Broadcom and Qualcomm, as well as storage supplier; Western Digital, have all stopped working with Huawei as well.

Should this kneecapping go on for much more longer, the smartphone business of Huawei will not only be messed up outside China, but there is also likely to be a vast range of consequences than most people realize.

Meanwhile, everyone should note that a Google play alternative will not be the best bet as it will not be enough. There is no easy way to take the current situation Huawei has found itself in; it is really bad.

Even more, Google has not only essentially cut Huawei off from having quick access to its latest Android builds, but it is also no longer enabling the Chinese company to load its Google play store and other services on Huawei devices.

In China itself, this ban is not much of an issue because Google and its services have already been banned earlier, and Huawei devices make use of optional apps from their own companies like Tencent and Baidu.

But, outside China, history has revealed over time that it is practically impossible for mobile phone makers to succeed effectively without having any access to Google’s services or Google play.

This is evident in already dead phone platforms such as:

  • Blackberry 10
  • Amazon's FireOS
  • Windows 10 mobile, etc

All these phones failed as a result of not having any access to a huge app ecosystem. Excluding those who reside in China, as the country may probably be on another planet when it comes down to app ecosystems, who would actually purchase a Huawei phone that cannot access vital services like:

  • Google map
  • YouTube
  • Google Drive
  • Gmail, and so on

Who would actually buy a phone that has no means of installing popular social media apps like Youtube or Instagram? There are so many people that will not.

What Happens To The Current Users Of Huawei

According to Google, current owners of Huawei phones will be able to retain their access to its play store and will continue to be capable of updating their applications. However, the huge stuff is written out of their near future centers on new Android OS updates.

In order to get those once again, phone owners of Huawei, as well as fans, will need to be hopeful for a resolution in the United States-China issue that has actually been the trigger for the latest blacklisting of the company by Trump’s administration.

Huawei's Response

Freshly out of its current sledgehammer blow of having Google revoke its Android license as a result of the demands made by the United States government, Huawei has made its first response although limited

It is limited because it left room for more questions than answering them. The statement they made was emailed directly to The Verge. Huawei stated its fascinating contributions to the growth of Android internationally.

This growth saw the Chinese company’s Android phone sales grow by double digits while every other top smartphone vendors were either stagnant or shrinking.

In its statement, Huawei reassured the current users of the brand and its subsidiary brand: Honor phones that it will continue to receive after-sales service as well as security updates.

This promise will also be covering phones that have already been shipped and those in stock at diverse stores universally, however, no extra promises were made beyond this.

To Wrap It Up

As a solution, Huawei actually embarked on preparations earlier in case of an event that will make them lose access to software from companies in the United States such as Microsoft and Google.

Also, the company has been creating an in-house operating system as an alternative to the prominent Android. This may actually be what they were hinting on in their statement that read that they will keep on building a secure and sustainable software community.  The critical word remains “sustainable.”

Tobyy is a writer with a passion for creating engaging and appealing contents. He also loves writing reviews and is an avid traveler who has been to almost all the continents in the world (except Antartica, obviously)

Updated 08:18 AM UTC+8, 13 Sep 2019
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