Business Today: Get to Know All About the Trending Flexible Workspace


Business Today: Get to Know All About the Trending Flexible Workspace

Workplaces are no longer rigid – we've moved on now! 

Today's modern workplace is a casual and unsolidified environment. Here work-life stability is applaudable. Depending on your company norms, employees might even come to work in their gym clothes. And if we're bound to blurt out facts, there are over 35,000 spaces worldwide, and flexible and co-working workspaces have proven they're much more than just a forward-thinking concept.

Indeed, flexible working has crossed borders, with ping-pong and mandatory hot-desks getting swapped out for multiple businesses with premium facilities and experiences. The modern workplace environment has a dynamic workforce; it is less tied down to physical locations and more receptive to glitches. Employees now indulge with collaborative software like Google Docs and Skype to communicate more precisely with their colleagues worldwide.

And now, we're just bidding farewell to traditional workspaces and welcoming modern workplace trends. You must be scratching your head, wondering, "What are these modern workplace trends, and where can I get some?" They're right under your nose:

  • Workplace Flexibility 

No one's a fan of working late hours. Employees require time to resolve their private matters during working hours, whether it be picking a sick toddler up from school or going to the doctor. Based on Ernst & Young's report, 76% of employees find it hectic to manage family, work, and personal binders. A few companies offer the option to work irregular hours, operate out of a co-working space, and telecommute. This flexibility not only welfares employees but also helps boost productivity and employee contentment.

  • Hot Desking 

Here, workers can select seas on a first-served, first-come basis. 

The most prominent advantage of hot desking is that you have all the space to yourself. Considering the ongoing epidemic and the demand for enhanced hygiene even after vaccination, enterprises will need to ensure that all the seats available are thoroughly sanitized and clean to implement this practice.

This method's pros include greater workspace flexibility for workers, reduced cost, less cluttering, and, above all, better space utilization. While you're looking for a flexible space of your own to meet everyday requirements, The Executive Centre can be your one-stop solution. An option like this will ease the process of joining the race of new-normal corporate race. It'll give you the ultimate access to a communal workspace at any Executive center in your city. All you have to do is get a City Pass and make a break for it!

  • Increasing Artificial Intelligence, or Automation 

Come on; you can't practice "flexibility" if you're still doing everything manually!

New inventions that can simplify business owners' daily responsibilities and tasks keep coming up in this technology-driven era. Do you know what this means? It means fewer time-wasters and more automation.

You have a million things to do each day. And we have a hunch that you spend most of your time doing the basic chores (e.g., sending emails). By augmenting your tasks, you can save a lot of time on your hands and focus on business

Take it from us: When it comes to automation in the workspace, the more systematized tasks create immense ease for operations. For instance, you can automate things like:

  • Email marketing campaigns 
  • Social media posts
  • Bill payments 
  • Payroll and accounting tasks 


  • Emphasizing Work-Life Balance

Employees and business owners worldwide know the essentiality of challenging work-life balance. Without one, you or your employees will likely be sleep-deprived, stressed, and all-around exhausted. 

A butt-load of work and 2 hours of sleep is not a good combination. 

To improve productivity and prevent burnout, be a supporter of a healthy work-life balance. Be the ultimate role model when it comes to juggling life and work. Show employees that they don't have to keep working around the clock to remain productive. Also, let them know their mental health and personal lives don't have to suffer

  • Boomerang Employees

Earlier, when an employee left a company, they were long-gone. It was also a company policy never to hire former employees. Due to the sudden adaptation of flexibility, more employees are re-joining previous companies – and employers are eager to welcome virtuous talent back.

Regardless of the reason, business leaders understand that re-hiring former employees reduce training and onboarding costs; it smoothens the learning curve.

  • Shared Economy and Freelancing 

The quest to achieve a work-life balance allows workers to take on freelancing opportunities, design their schedules and work as they please. While salaries remain motionless, the gig economy is how employees bring in additional income when the money is tight, pay off loans, or save significant purchases. Many companies also hire freelancers for long-term projects under a "permanence" role, enabling them to engage for a limited period without training.

  • Job Sharing 

Rather than dismissing a talented candidate because of availability hours, consider designing or transfiguring a full-time job requiring two people's input.

Best benefits & Practices

  • It brings broader skills and experience to the table 
  • Promotes teamwork 
  • Allows continued job coverage 

Furthermore, consider alternate week scheduling between the two workers or overlapping and sharing workdays so that the position sharers can collaborate and stay on track.

  • A Mix of Core-and-Flex

With this technique, an organization can lease five floors to design a workspace for their squad of 300-people and have the option to scale down to perhaps two for their core team. The rest of the team members can get dealt with the augmentation of flexible office space

This mixture of core-and-flex will promote independence and increased work-flexibility to the workers as they decide where to work best. 

Furthermore, this workspace option can effortlessly address the scalability requirements for the future and present. However, organizations applying this would require flawless connectivity and technology, healthy organizational protocols and workflows, and above all, a precise communication edifice.

Final Words

Life is always leading to success when we adjust according to the shifts. Sticking to the previous modes regardless of any constraints can only backfire you. Though the fundamentals are essential to back your decisions, the overall business operations can stand all upgrades affirmatively.

The modern workplace trends mentioned above are some of the most notable changes experienced by employers and employees. These trends do nothing but boost self-esteem and encourage fast operations – so who wouldn't want to be in a place like this!

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Updated 11:13 PM UTC+8, 06 Apr 2021
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