Best Upcoming Gadgets To Have In 2019


Best Upcoming Gadgets To Have In 2019

Quoting Gordon Moore's law; the co-founder of Intel, “computing abilities over time would radically increase in power while decreasing in relative cost, all at an exponential rate.” This law alongside the tedious work of programmers, engineers, and computer scientists has helped in the fast-rising yet steady growth of technology all over the World. Consumers surely have a lot to look forward to as high-end technologies are becoming affordable enough for users worldwide.

Through the advancement of technology and cool gadgets being created yearly, it can be described as almost impossible to keep up with these awesome creations today. The good thing about buying these gadgets is that you don't have to rob a bank because a good number of these electronics are affordable to possess.

This article is aimed at streamlining your choices in the best gadgets to look forward to owning in the year 2019. So, if you are a music lover, a home fanatic, fitness guru and down to the couch potato who's only interested in watching Tv, this article has been created for you. Here are a few picks for you:

List of Upcoming Gadgets this 2019

  1. The Echo Show
  2. Philips Smartsleep Headband
  3. Philip's 9000 Series 4k Oled TV
  4. Jaybird Run
  5. Samsung's Modular TV - The Wall
  6. RapidX X5 Car Charger
  7. Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker
  8. LuMee Duo Light-Up Phone Case
  9. The Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger Box
  10. The Cinemood Portable Movie Theatre
  11. The Echobee Switch

The Echo Show

Unlike its predecessor; The Echo Show 1st generation, it is more technologically advanced, and this is not because of its 10-inch HD clear screen, but its killer Dolby sound. With the Echo Show Second generation, Alexa does not only tell you things but shows you awesome things lately such as music videos, movies, news, and so much more enticing stuff. Using this gadget, it is safe to say that the future is here as with the necessary permission, you can say hi to family and friends who also make use of the Show gadget.

Philips Smartsleep Headband

This gadget isn't liable to heal you of your insomnia, all it can possibly do is to help you get the most out of your sleeping time. The sleep headband helps not only to recover but to restore brain cells as well as memory and this is made possible because the headband emits a tone that improves slow-wave sleep. If slow-wave activity is boosted, it will aid your brain to restore and repair itself quickly.

Philip's 9000 Series 4k Oled TV

While most of the world population have a TV and make the best use of it in 2018, this razor-thin OLED TV is the perfect solution needed to unwind after a long day of stress at work. It makes use of the Ambilight technology which makes the screen reveal objects larger than life. Philip's 9000 Series 4k Oled TV makes viewing more three-dimensional as it softly brightens the surrounding and lovingly glows the whole room.

Jaybird Run

Are you constantly tripping on the wires of your headphones when running or practically exercising in general? Complain no more as the wireless Jaybird headphones are here to satisfy your needs. The Jaybird run is convenient, light and do not fall off when your workout gets intense. It also has the perfect sound quality and can be really loud which of course is not dangerous and highly recommended.

Samsung's Modular TV - The Wall

If you are searching for more than yet another TV, why don't you look towards Samsung's latest product known as "The Wall"? Since TV shouldn't be one constant size but able to be resizable to one's taste, Samsung has brought to the World; it's first Modular 146-inch TV. Available to be positioned in different ways, it is a multi-purpose display. If having a smaller TV is what you choose for the day, the surrounding screens are adjusted to blend in with the walls. A user can also adjust to full size if so desired.

RapidX X5 Car Charger

With five USB ports capable of charging basically all the devices available in a car, asides charging this car charger is capable of detecting your device and immediately sends the quickest possible charge needed to boost your phone.  Awesome, isn’t it?

Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker

You should never ever let the size fool you as the speaker is loaded fully with quality sound. One can never go wrong with Bose as the micro Bluetooth is waterproof, equipped with a long battery life of six hours and amazingly has a wireless range of roughly 30 feet. It is pretty cheap to purchase.

LuMee Duo Light-Up Phone Case

Are you a selfie addict? Then this one right here is for you. Need the best lighting? The duo light-up phone case has subtle and enticing lighting for not only selfies but videos too. It is available in quite a number of styles to select from which includes; black, pearl white, rose gold, white marble and a host of others. Even if you do not own an iPhone X there are a lot of options to pick from, and it solely depends on the phone you make use of.

The Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger Box

For the lovers out there, whenever you receive a message using the app, the heart on the box will spin in order to alert you that there's a new message. This box is the most romantic way to let the special one know your thoughts are always with them.  

The Cinemood Portable Movie Theatre

This device is unbelievably portable to the extent that it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. It is roughly less than half a pound and consists of Disney family specials, Netflix streaming, Youtube and so much more. It can be carried with you on trips, placed in the children's room and even outside for those who practice the family movie night tradition.

The Ecobee Switch

This ecobee switch has inbuilt motion detection, ambient lighting sensors, and easily controlled from anywhere using the app (no point standing to put on and out off the lights). Also included is an in-built Alexa! Yes, she’s in there! It’s relatively easy to set up, and so many persons can get it set from start to finish in roughly 45 minutes.

To Wrap It Up

There you have it; the best gadgets you can’t help but have in 2019. Now, don’t get it wrong, there are other awesome gadgets out there, but you might want to start with the ones on this list.

Updated 08:44 AM UTC+8, 18 Mar 2020
Ken Karlo
Ken Karlo

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