10 Useful Tips to Improve Presentation Skills


10 Useful Tips to Improve Presentation Skills

Are you planning to deliver a business presentation to promote your business? 

Or are you a beginner who wants to present in front of an audience for the first time.

Even if you are a newbie who is going to stand in front of the dais or a pro who has attended delegations; most importantly you need to hone your public speaking skills. It requires a significant amount of dedicated practice to become an influential orator. 

If you are aiming to bag software jobs in UAE or IT jobs in UAE like what is offered on this website, communication skills are a must. 

Here are the best ways to enhance your presentation skills. Try the ones that suit you to deliver a brilliant presentation.

Understand Your Listeners:

Find out about the audience whom you are going to speak to.  Discover the answers to the questions mentioned: 

  • What do the listeners want to hear?
  • What are their needs?
  • What are their expectations?

Investing in your audience is the best way to get maximum benefits out of your presentation. Give them enough reasons to listen to you

It isn’t possible to understand the target audience individually, however you can find out common information about them. Always create content that resonates with the spectators out there. 

Storytelling is a great way to garner the attention of the audience. Humans reciprocate best to stories. Instead of focusing on presenting highlighting facts, make efforts to show your presentation like a story. You can cover the wider perspectives while narrating.

Make Eye Contact:

Always make strong eye contact with your audience. This helps you build a connection with them. You can easily help people understand what you are talking about. 

Avoid focusing on the computer screen or at a particular section of the gathering. Establish a good relationship with the audience and let them know that you are open to their ideas and suggestions. 

Be Prepared:

Carry out extensive research about the topic you are going to speak about. Make the content more strong by adding examples, images, and videos. Listen to videos on the same topic/niche. Craft your speech and then practice is speaking loudly. This way you can control the fluidity. 

Always deliver the content in the form of small digestible chunks. If you are explaining a complex idea, break down it and elaborate it with some examples and stories.

Stay Confident:

The first impression is the last one. When entering the stage be confident and present yourself naturally. Begin by introducing yourself. Reveal your name, contact information and the organization you are presenting. Then talk about the topic of your presentation.

If you feel nervous, try deep breathing exercises to calm yourself. No one will hear you if you are anxiety-ridden.  Be confident and give the audience reasons to listen to you. Be an extrovert even if you aren’t.

Reach the venue before time:

Be well-prepared and reach the place before time. This will help you to survey the environment where you will present. Check all the equipment such as projector, computer, and mics to ensure they are working properly. 

When the audience walks in, greet them with a serene smile. You’ll feel more relieved as compared to walking in a gathering who is already settled on their seats.

Dress Properly:

Groom yourself and wear a comfortable outfit suiting the occasion. Your appearance is an influential parameter. Make sure you feel great about the way you look.

Be Flexible:

Even though your speech or presentation needs to be organized and presented according to the subject matter, however, you need to decide when delivering. If you trace the audience being inattentive, take a break from the flow of the content. Pick a story or some intriguing activity to grab the attention of the listeners. Don’t focus on spelling out the pre-planned facts if they aren’t casting an impact. Be flexible to take pauses and then start fresh. Use some punchlines. This could attract people to think about what the presenter is going to speak.

Empathize with the Listeners:

Put yourself in the audience’s shoes. Think from their perspective. What do you expect from the speaker if you were a listener? Did you perform fairly well? Or do you need to improvise? Try to deliver a presentation covering the finest details and presenting a bigger picture to the people. They should benefit from all the essential elements you have covered in your presentation, otherwise, the takeaway from the presentation can leave them disappointed.

Learn About other Presenters:

Spare some time and study about renowned presenters. Observe them. How do they speak? How do they interact with the audience? Observe their body language and the slides they present. Note down the important things. Also, decide what you didn’t like about a particular person while presenting. Seek answers to all these questions and then try to enhance your presentation skills.

Make Your Presentation Two-Way:

Communication is effective only when it’s two-way. Try to engage your audience and let them talk. You could ask them certain questions. This way you can relax when sharing the spotlight. You can also get new ideas about what the listeners think about that particular topic.


Enrich your art of speaking and stand confidently in crowds. However, this isn’t a five-finger exercise. Put in efforts and focus on the above-mentioned tips to become a good presenter. Express and emphasize your ideas beautifully if you want to kickstart luxurious careers in UAE, which you can find seamlessly on piJOBS, a platform where you can filter out your industry and choose from a plethora of job options.

Updated 08:00 AM UTC+8, 28 Jan 2020
Vyshnavi Basuthkar
Vyshnavi Basuthkar
Vyshnavi is a Digital Marketing Analyst with 2+ years experience, working for Paraminfo company. She is expertised in SEO, SMM and also well skilled in web designing. With a huge interest and cutiosity, she enjoys writing blogs for websites. Her service offering are independent and astonishing.

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