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Giana Tiger: A Teenage Entrepreneur Millionaire

Nov 208 min read
The now 18-year-old high school student sold her cleaning business for $1 million, turning a $100-investment into almost 1,000,000...

Facebook Messenger will soon let its users watch videos with friends over chat

Nov 192 min read
Facebook messenger messaging app will let it's users to watch videos together...

Bitcoin Drops due to Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork — Crypto Civil War in Full Swing

Nov 152 min read
For the first time of the year, Bitcoin drops more than 7 percent last Wednesday after long stable months....

How Samsung’s Masterpiece Looks: A Foldable Smartphone

Nov 133 min read
Yes, it's real, Samsung's much-hyped bendable smartphone is indeed real. Samsung showed their masterpiece at its annual developer...

How to Show or Hide Scroll Bar in Excel

Nov 122 min read
There are times that someone can't see this scrollbar and its hassle while working in your worksheets...

Top 10 World's Billionaires 2018

Nov 106 min read
The top 10 list of richest people around the globe. According to Forbes, There's a record of 2,208 billionaires...

Best VPN Services Provider

Nov 055 min read
VPN is the abbreviation of Virtual Private Network. It's like a tunnel that connects two or more devices to exchange data securely...

Twitter Deleted more than 10,000 Accounts That Discourage U.S. Voting

Nov 031 min read
As the latest in an ongoing effort by Twitter to remove automated accounts in its platform...

How to Find a Cryptocurrency Job?

Nov 024 min read
Want to kickstart your crypto and blockchain career but don’t know how one can get their feet wet in the crypto market?...

Blockchain: What is it and How Does It Work?

Nov 013 min read
A simple way to see Blockchain is as a form of technology that allows the secure, transparent, and fast exchange of digital...

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Ellipal — The Cold Wallet 2.0 Review

Dec 034 min read

Trezor Wallet — The First Crypto Hardware Wallet Review

Dec 023 min read

Ledger Nano S Wallet Review

Dec 015 min read

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Philippines' First Eco-Airport, The Bohol-Panglao International Airport

Nov 28


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