Ways to Use Chatbots in Your Content Marketing Campaign


Ways to Use Chatbots in Your Content Marketing Campaign

Automation has become a powerful tool allowing us to get more done in less time in marketing. With the ever-growing technological world, bots have become an essential part of the automation process. Bots are programmable software that you program to carry out specific actions on its own. You build it to do what you want it to, then let it perform the actions by itself. Chatbots, therefore, are computer programs that can carry on conversations with humans in an all-natural and fluid way. Chatbots have gained popularity amongst marketers over the years, and here are some tips on how to use chatbots in your content marketing strategy.

Promote your chatbot

Before you even begin using your chatbot to communicate with your clients, take the initiative of promoting your chatbot to your clients. Let people know you have one. The right way of developing your chatbot would be through social media platforms like Facebook and route it to your messenger. Mention your bot in all customer support channels always, include a call-to-action button on your website and blogs to stay in touch with people. Get people excited about it and using it. Create anticipation in your customers.

Research on the commonly asked questions

Consider the content your bot will contain and its sole purpose. 

Engage your customer service team and inquire about constantly asked questions by customers. Get in touch with the social media support team as well as the social media manager. They are better placed in knowing frequent customer inquiries. Do extensive research and fully equip your bot to handle any kind of situation falling under its intended purpose. It will significantly improve your bot's performance and customer interaction.

Customize your bot in its very own conversation tree

Bots act upon a set of instructions set for it; therefore, set concrete questions for your chatbot to answer. This makes the interactive process flawless and believable. With tactfully placed questions, your bot will build a conversation that flows. If you are a beginner, then don’t stress so much on how to create a chatbot. There is a lot of online information on chatbots and how to get one running for your brand.

Send relevant notifications

Do not bombard your consumers with tons of text messages, emails, and any other kinds of notifications. As chatbots can gather and analyze data, they are, therefore, able to curate and send relevant and personalized messages through social media to every individual user. It is even more reason for your clients to stay happy. Who knows they might end up sharing your posts and blog posts with family and friends?

Assure your clients that there is always a human

There exists a percentage of people who still prefer traditional ways of communication, like social support or emails. Handle this by letting people know that they are welcome to get in touch with a human anytime the need arises. This is because while some people enjoy faster replies from chatbots, some are turned off by the concept of chatbots, therefore, be inclusive.

Use chatbot newsletters instead of email newsletters

Use your chatbot as a content delivery system. Set up your chatbot to ask your clients to opt-in and get regular announcements and updates about your brand. You build a subscriber list just like that. It is a plus to your business.

Avoid open-ended conversations

To avoid possible confusion for your bot, avoid full open-ended discussions. Promote a better customer experience, and a happy customer is just what your brand needs. In your chatbot, have statements with frequently asked questions or the tasks the bot can smoothly perform by just a tap. Equip your bot with automated answers to these frequently asked questions. It eliminates the guesswork of any kind out of the bot, thus improving the customer experience as well.

Give your chatbot a voice 

Every social media marketing platform has a tone incorporated to it, like a signature in which customers identify it with. Similarly, you want to pick up a tone for your chatbot and stay consistent with it and let your customers identify with it as your brand's voice and tone. Have opening messages in the form of welcoming notes and warmly welcome your clients. Also, this is the point why you incorporate the idea of having a human at the very end of it always. 

Make your chatbot  lead-nurturing 

Through gathering relevant information, conduct split testing on your personalized messages and tailor your marketing efforts to each lead visiting your website or social media profile, it even helps your users through their buyer's journey.

Send surveys to your contact list 

This can be the easiest way of surveying your clients instead of using emails or through your websites. You are likely to gain attention and get a high volume of responses when you use your chatbot as a survey tool. Ask people to first opt-in to interact with you, with time to start sending occasional messages with short, simple surveys.  

Enrich and personalize your chatbot 

By anticipating the most common questions asked by your clients, you get to program your bot and equip it for its purpose accordingly. Incorporate simple ideas like operational hours and best deals in your chatbot and upscale the customer experience. Use personalization tools to curate the chat experience of your chatbot, and come up with the perfect or best bot experience for your folks. 

Make communicating with your brand fun

It is so evident that chatbots can deliver quality information to customers seamlessly in no time. Why not make it even thrilling and more fun by incorporating tools that will make the experience awesome for your customers. Leave a lasting expression on your users.

Measure the effectiveness

If you have a chatbot, you might probably wonder if its effective and if your clients like it and enjoy the experience. Have a question like…is this working? Working can mean a lot of things when it comes to a chatbot. Through the use of measurable links and codes, you can measure the effectiveness of your bot. Measure the effectiveness of your sales or marketing through a metric. UTM codes are relevant in the content you link your bot with. Through these codes, you can measure traffic from your chatbot, as well as the customer journey.  

Chatbots have emerged in the market, taking the corporate world with a whim with its versatility. Companies are quick to adopt automated systems in order to simplify the lives of professionals. With time building bots have become even easier, thereby even more reason to have them. By implementing a chatbot into your content marketing strategy, you enable learning; you get to understand your audience, tailor your marketing tools and efforts, monetize your social media and reach a new breed of customers. If you have been considering incorporating a chatbot to your brand's marketing strategy, what are you waiting for? It is exactly what you need to be on the chart, be competitive, and reap the benefits of technology more for your campaign.

Updated 05:21 PM UTC+8, 06 Apr 2020
Daniela McVicker
Daniela McVicker
Daniela McVicker is a passionate digital marketer. Daniela is interested in everything related to SEO and blogging. She collaborates with Topwritersreview.com where she shares her experience and helps marketers make their names in the online world.
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