Understanding the Components of Inbound Marketing


Understanding the Components of Inbound Marketing

If your business is presented online, or is just entering the global network, then you have to probably already manage the marketing assess the degree of influence of content marketing. In inbound marketing the content play very crucial role – even more than ever. The bottom line is that modern users tend to study the information in detail before buying, weighing the pros and cons of the offer, comparing you with competitors. Therefore, especially in the early stages, it is necessary to provide people with the highest quality and most informative content.

Source: Forbes.com

Many companies are already beginning to realize the need for quality materials (text and visual) for business development. According to the Content Marketing Institute, over the past year, 70% of B2B marketers generated more content than in 2014.

Ok, but what is the main goal? Marketers just like to write texts? Not at all - the main goal here is to increase traffic to the resource. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 62% of marketers surveyed said that the main goal of the content strategy is to attract targeted traffic, whose indicators have become a key metric for the effectiveness of content marketing.

But where is the connection between the content strategy and the number of visitors? Just high-quality materials attract high-quality traffic - here we mean highly qualified visitors who are already looking for something that you can offer - and are willing to pay for it.

One question remains - how to make sure that the materials created are of high enough quality, able to attract and convert leads? The answer is in split tests. Content testing can increase the viral potential of materials, reader engagement and overall business performance. Apart from the content there are other components also that plays crucial role inbound marketing. Some of them are listed below but you can learn more with reading some by reading inbound marketing book on this website:

1. Your site is the engine: Your site is the center of most of your online activity. Thus, it is the engine that helps your online success. The inclusion of a turbocharged site designed to attract and transform means the following basic rules:

  • Using your site as a referral center requires a customer-oriented approach rather than a product-oriented approach.
  • Designing your site to be found by people searching the web requires compliance the search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Creating a positive, intuitive website user interface enhances conversion. Your content is “fuel”: Inbound marketing is all about building relationships between people and products.

2. Your content is the connective tissue between them. Sharing the benefits of your products in an interesting, engaging way is an inbound way. Instead of shouting about the features of your product with intermittent messages, create a connecting path to your products that will make it easier for people to buy. You do this by inviting customers to be part of the process and delivering meaningful solutions through valuable content. For this you need

  • Create educational content for visitors who explore. 
  • Create valuable downloadable content for visitors who shop to better transform that visitor into a leader. 
  • Provide content such as coupons, free product demos, or promotional incentives to reward leaders who are close to buying action.
  • Create content that attracts potential customers who have not yet purchased your site.
  • Create easily accessible content to reuse former customers again and again.

Premium content has more features for your engine. Premium content is timely, relevant and framed in the right context for your customers. Thus, create more premium content to see higher visitor appeal.

3. Your conversion-based Call-to-Action (CTA) conversion card is “lubricant”: From the initial involvement, and ultimately to the purchase of the product, each of your customers found you and made the journey. A CTA card is a scheme of your site designed to create without friction the user from the first contact through the first contract. Knowing where the customer is on the purchase path helps you create more meaningful connecting content for that customer. Matching your customer’s trip before creating your website creates the best user experience and increases conversion rates. To do this, you must

  • Connect your blog to funnel-related downloadable content.
  • Create simple, clear buttons and CTA forms to collect potential customer data.
  • Organize this content by analyzing the flow of users of your site, look for checkpoints, especially on those pages that have a high level of failures or exits.

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Updated 04:08 PM UTC+8, 29 Dec 2019
Tom Poland
Tom Poland
Tom Poland is a known content writer. He writes content in different niches such as social media marketing, finance, business, etc. He is a daytime blogger and night time reader who loves to read inbound marketing books and other motivational books. He is currently working as a chief content advisor at leadsology Guru.
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