Tips to Build a Thriving Workforce and Accelerate Business Growth in 2021


Tips to Build a Thriving Workforce and Accelerate Business Growth in 2021

No matter the industry you’re in and no matter the kind of business you’re running, there’s no denying that your employees are your most valuable assets. Investing in your workforce is one of the best ways to see tangible results, and it’s one of the most powerful ways to set your business up for growth and success in the competitive local and global markets. Naturally, there are many ways you can invest in your employees, and there are some key ways you can build a thriving workforce that will take your business forward on all fronts.

From personalized employee advancement programs to optimized onboarding, and all the way to building better company culture – there are numerous effective ways you can build a strong employee collective. However, you need to prioritize your investments, and you need to do it right in order to minimize financial waste in the process.

With all of that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the top tips you can use to build a thriving workforce and accelerate business growth in 2021 and beyond.

Empowering employees with the right tech

Digital transformation is currently revolutionizing the business world, and it’s helping businesses overcome the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and stay afloat during these trying times. Whether you are managing a centralized or a remote workforce, it’s important to invest in digital transformation in order to facilitate productivity and efficiency, but also reduce waste and risk across your organization.

To start, you can work on building a better communication structure in your business by implementing a unified communication system like VoIP.Voice over internet protocol is a comprehensive solution with a number of communication features and functionalities that allows in-house, remote, and mobile employees to communicate seamlessly.

Secondly, you should consider implementing a cloud-based project management tool into your operation to give your entire employee collective a centralized location where they can collaborate with ease. This tool should give everyone a comprehensive overview of all projects and tasks, and it should allow them to work together in real time no matter where they are.

Optimizing your onboarding process

Finding and hiring talented employees is a big challenge, and we will get to it, but we first need to optimize your onboarding process. If you have already hired new employees, but you’re slightly disappointed with their performance, don’t blame them, blame your onboarding process.

Onboarding is a crucial step towards employee success, and when done right, it can make new hires indispensable to your teams from day one. Onboard them poorly, though, and you risk wasting time, money, and ultimately talent when people start leaving your company for better opportunities.

With that in mind, make sure to onboard your new employees properly through comprehensive training and education, but also by automating certain processes with video tutorials and help tools. You can also use the buddy system and pair a new hire with a seasoned employee to help them learn the ropes quickly and start contributing to the rest of the organization. The buddy system also helps build trust and boost collaboration, leading to a more productive and satisfied workforce. 

Hiring from around the world

Digital technologies allow companies to expand into the global market faster and with minimal financial waste, but they also make the global talent pool much more accessible. It’s now easier more than ever before to hire talented individuals from abroad, and build a diverse employee collective. This is something you should definitely take advantage of if you want to capitalize on international talent.

That said, to do this you need to navigate the legal waters and ensure compliance across the board. You can also avoid having to establish a legal entity in another country by working with global PEO experts who can help you hire talent in different regions of the world seamlessly. The right professional employment organization will ensure compliance for your company in a specific region to allow you to hire people from different countries with zero risk, which means that you’ll instantly gain access to international talent that will take your business forward.

Invest in personalized growth plans

Personalization goes a long way if your goal is to retain talented employees and boost their happiness in the workplace over the long term. If you choose to invest in personalized advancement plans for your employees, you will also set your company up for success and growth. 

By investing in your employees and their training and education, you are effectively bringing more value to your company, and you are allowing talented workers to develop and implement better growth strategies in every department. Be sure to pay attention to the needs of the individual, learn their strengths and get to know their long-term professional plans, and help them achieve them.

Building a positive company culture

Lastly, as a leader, it’s important that you invest and put effort into building a positive company culture that will help build a productive and satisfied workforce. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a centralized or an international workforce, you need to build a culture that allows your people to do better work, collaborate more, trust each other, and just be happier at their jobs.

To achieve this, you need to create and help people internalize the right values. These values should include equality, honesty, transparency, accountability, and trust. You should introduce these values in every process, every project and task, and every meeting to help people internalize them and make them an inextricable part of their professional lives.

Over to you

If you invest in your employees and the processes that make their lives easier, you will invariably set your company up for success in the global and local markets. Use these tips to build a thriving and motivated global workforce that will take your company to new heights of success.

Updated 10:20 PM UTC+8, 15 May 2021
Keith Coppersmith
Keith Coppersmith
Keith Coppersmith is a business and marketing expert who has experienced both the rise and fall of many businesses. As a regular contributor at BizzmarkBlog, he enjoys writing and providing insight of the marketing industry based on both practice and theory.
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