Six Top Link Building Strategies For Growing Businesses


Six Top Link Building Strategies For Growing Businesses

Most businesses struggle to market their products and services to attract target customers. In this fast-paced digital world, one cannot underestimate the importance of link-building in promoting various small and large-scale businesses. If implemented correctly, link-building strategies can do wonders for your SERP rankings.

Notably, link-building is complex, especially when there are tons of strategies that vary in terms of required resources, expertise, and efficiency. If you are a rookie to the link-building game, you will most likely need to have insights into what you shouldn't and should do to increase your ranking in the search results. Every marketer employs different strategies to attain backlinks. These are hyperlinks to your website from other sources such as a blog, article, or website content that is relevant to your niche. 

Backlinks are incredibly vital to your SEO efforts. The more backlinks you earn from credible, authoritative websites, the better your SERP ranking will be. So, if you want to achieve a high ranking on Google and attract quality leads for increased sales, you need to start working on your link-building efforts.

Below, we've discussed some link-building strategies that will help your website step up the Google Search rankings ladder for business growth.

  1. Write Blog Posts

Blogs are still one of the most important sources to leverage your link-building strategy. However, sometimes it certainly becomes difficult to attain quality links for a brand new blog. Unless you offer something unique, it will remain a challenge to attract traffic to your content. To begin with, focus on your target industry and your customer's needs and demands. However, the most vital thing for a successful blog post is to ensure that your content is helpful, relevant, and well-structured. Nobody would like to read a blog post that doesn't add value to their existing information or answers to their queries. It is the only way to reassure other website owners and bloggers that your website is worthy of backlinks.

You can also work with other bloggers to create authentic, genuine content to help you promote your brand, product, or service. You can search for some quality blogger outreach services on the internet to find the services that fit well with your content writing requirements and criteria or you can just check's services.

  1. Requests For Backlinks

Requesting for backlinks from credible sites or blogs is an excellent way to start, especially if you know little about the link-building game. Think about your colleagues, clients, or partners that have a website or a blog. You can even search for a blog that complements your products or services. Just give them a shout-out or offer them something in return to get a review. Also, write an email to ask them for in-content backlinks or mention your blog post or product in their blog.

However, be careful and ensure that the backlinks you ask for must be from a blog or website relevant to your niche. Otherwise, it won't have a significant impact and might end up harming your SERPs rankings. Google really looks down to websites that go for backlink spamming instead of using a few high-quality niche-relevant backlinks.

  1. List your Website on Authoritative Directories

An online directory will give you the chance to post a link to your website and share it with the entire digital world. Having said that, many online directories are of no real value to online users. Google recognizes such websites and has excluded them from its search results. You wouldn't want to list your website in such a directory. In contrast, a directory that provides helpful information to your potential visitors and a chance to post your link is the one you should pick for adding your website to the list.

Niche-related directories or those that deal with a particular industry are an excellent place to start. Listing your brand to such directories will allow you to get indexed in major search engines quickly. Hence, people will find it easier to reach your website without much hassle.

  1. Discover Your Competitors' Common Backlinks

If you conduct competitor backlink research, you'll probably notice they have a few common backlinks that you haven't utilized yet. Well, if your competitors managed to get such backlinks, what's stopping you from getting them as well? All you should do is conduct a backlink analysis and try to get them too.

Furthermore, conducting competitor backlink analysis will also tell you the backlinks that are working for your competitors. You can then use the same backlinks to support your content accordingly.

  1. Recover Dead Backlinks

There will come a time when you have a few broken backlinks present on your website. It might be due to a change in your webpage's location or a webmaster misspelling your link. Either way, such backlinks will always result in a 404 error. Notably, such an issue might also occur when a website has been moved to another domain.

There are several tools to help you recover dead backlinks. These tools usually ask the user to put in their URL and run a report. As a result, you'll have a list of dead or broken backlinks in front of you. The tool will then generate a .htaccess code, which you can insert in our website's .htaccess file and claim the link you wish to add.

  1. Build Better Relationships

It is always better to ask for a link from someone you know than to request it from a stranger. People are more likely to respond positively to someone they know. In order to get some quality backlinks, you need to have good relationships, be it with customers, business partners, or those working in the same or relevant niche. And what's the best place to begin with other than social media? Consider joining niche-related blogs, forums, and online social groups. Next, actively participate in group discussions, or you can simply tag people or comment on different blogs. Plus, you might also connect with some new and interesting people that share the same passion as yours.

Once you're sure that you've developed a good relationship with other people, it's time to send an email. You can request them to add a reference to your webpage in their blog post. This way, you can easily attain some backlinks from highly authoritative websites.

Wrap Up

Link-building isn't something to be afraid of, nor does it require you to have a degree in a relevant field. The strategies we shared today can work for every website out there. You only have to execute them correctly. However, it is certain that some link-building strategies work better than others. In the end, your job is to test them out and see which strategy works best for you.

Updated 01:00 PM UTC+8, 27 May 2021
Eve Jhone
Eve Jhone
Eva Jones is an enthusiastic blogger who spends her entire day writing quality blogs. She is a passionate reader and loves to share quality content prevalent on the web with her friends and followers. Her forte is business, finance, technology and marketing, keeping a keen eye on latest trends in those industries. 
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