Does Every Business Need Managed IT Services?


Does Every Business Need Managed IT Services?

Technology plays a crucial role in efficient operations in the modern business environment. A well-managed IT infrastructure can give you a competitive edge against your peers. It can be the key to giving your customers a great experience. Therefore, it’s always best to have a reliable IT infrastructure, which also includes having an IT team to maintain it.

You can keep all your IT services in-house. However, it’s essential to note that this can be expensive in the long run. For instance, you’d need a strong IT team and foot all IT-related costs. Alternatively, you can outsource primary IT services and maintain a lean team for in-house development. Several IT specialist companies provide businesses with the necessary IT support. You only need to search for one that suits your operations and industry.  

Outsourcing your IT services can open your business to various benefits. And one of the main benefits is improved cybersecurity. Please read below for more information and the other benefits of hiring a managed IT service provider (MSP) for your business.

  1. Reduced IT Costs

To maximize your returns, you must manage your costs. Otherwise, they may take a significant percentage of your returns. IT is an essential support service. However, keeping the infrastructure running at its optimum can be pretty expensive. Its hardware and software require frequent patching, updates, and upgrades. Furthermore, you need enough personnel to monitor them. 

However, when you outsource, you can take a significant IT cost burden off your books. For instance, maintaining an IT infrastructure can require several team members with varied expertise. This means increased salaries and benefits. Additionally, an MSP will host the necessary hardware and software. This reduces your space requirements. Hence, fewer rental and maintenance expenses. 

  1. Predictive Budget

If you keep your IT support in-house, the spending can vary from one month to another. Therefore, you may not effectively budget for IT spending, which can significantly affect your revenue projections. 

However, hiring an MSP requires you to enter into a contract. The contractual period can be annual or biannual. Therefore, for the period the agreement is in effect, you know the amount to allocate to your IT operations. Hence, this allows you to plan your budget around the contractual amount and have a better revenue projection. A constant budget can also help you focus on other areas of revenue protection. 

  1. Access To A Pool Of Expertise

The IT field is extensive and you may not manage to hire enough personnel to cover the various specialties. You might also not get or have sufficient resources and experience to tackle every IT problem. This can easily lead to a slow network or insufficient service delivery to your customers. 

On the other hand, an MSP has all the necessary expertise to serve its clients satisfactorily. The reason is that the MSP has clients with different IT needs and problems. Therefore, getting varied expertise is essential to their business. Your business can, therefore, benefit from this pool of experts. 

  1. Improved Compliance And Cybersecurity

Due to increased cyber threats, various regulatory bodies regularly update privacy and data security policy. This means you must constantly stay updated to ensure you don’t fall behind. In addition, cyber attackers frequently change their intrusion tricks. Both these scenarios can take a toll on your internal IT team. 

However, MSPs always ensure they have the latest cybersecurity protection. They pass this protection down to their clients. Your network benefits from an up-to-date cybersecurity framework. Furthermore, an MSP in your industry of operation has experience and knowledge of the compliance requirements you need. Thus, they can advise you on the necessary steps to ensure your business network maintains full compliance. 

  1. Reduced Downtime

You may not have sufficient personnel to provide round-the-clock network monitoring with an in-house IT team. Additionally, if you encounter a network issue, it can take time before the team resolves it. This can result in significant network downtime, thus affecting your operations. 

With a robust IT infrastructure and team, an MSP can provide 24-hour monitoring of your network. This helps them understand your operations and network demands. Thus, they can easily detect anomalies in your network and mitigate any downtime risks. 

Furthermore, most MSPs perform proactive and preventative maintenance. Therefore, your network receives regular cybersecurity updates, data back-ups, and software upgrades. This helps ensure your operations run smoothly with minimal disruptions. 

  1. Focus On Core Business Functions

Network monitoring is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Hence, your in-house might use significant time and energy to ensure your network’s uptime. This can negatively affect your main business projects. Thus, you might lag behind your competition regarding service and product delivery. 

Having an MSP takes the load off your internal IT team. Thus, they can focus more on your core projects. Also, this can free your team to focus on innovative projects to build your business. Therefore, it can significantly boost their morale and productivity. 


The complexity and depth of IT solutions can be challenging for you to manage with an in-house IT team. However, you might still be skeptical about whether you need an MSP. The above benefits can help convince you to hire a managed IT service provider.

Updated 06:55 AM UTC+8, 18 Aug 2022
Ken Karlo Staff
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