5 Ways To Promote Your Website Locally


5 Ways To Promote Your Website Locally

Whether you just created a new website for your business or you’ve already maintained one for years, it can be challenging to generate organic traffic without effective promotion. The visibility of your website in search engines is a function of the measures you put in place to advertise it in the digital space. Only by carefully considering these factors will you see improved metrics in conversion rate, click-through rate, and leads, among others. 

That said, you need the right skills to boost your digital marketing strategy and match the competition. Thus, you may need to hire a marketing agency to create a tailored marketing plan for your website. For instance, you can check out socialrevenue.co.uk and other leading agencies for all your marketing needs.   

In this article, you’ll learn several ways to promote your website locally. These include the following: 

  1. Social Media Marketing

You can give your website some exposure by strategically using your social media accounts, including Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Social media is a readily available avenue where you can interact with your customers. So, each time you post about your products, always attach a link to your website. You can also use lead magnets that can direct traffic to your website.  

When you’re using your social media accounts to promote your website, remember to use branded imagery. Additionally, you may use contests and giveaways coupled with unique landing pages to facilitate greater engagement. In case you want to post on Pinterest and Instagram, ensure that you use high-quality images and videos as these platforms are more centered on visuals rather than textual content.     

  1. Take Care Of Your Website’s SEO

Before you start writing blog content for your website, do a keyword search first. Make use of a good keyword tool to find out the best long-tail keywords and short keywords to use in your content strategy. Note that you need to incorporate keywords that people use online when making web searches relevant to your products and services. After all, even if you have great content and products on your website, they won’t appear in the search engine results pages (SERPs) if you don’t optimize them.

Using your keyword tool, take note of some words that have low competition and a high search volume to craft posts that are compelling and can easily get noticed. Moreover, use the keywords you selected in the title, meta description, and headings of your written content. In addition to these sections in your article or blog, the images you use should also contain the keyword in the alt tag and picture title tag. Always keep in mind that SEO marketing strategies are some of the best ways you can gain a surge in organic traffic and improve your search engine ranking.  

  1. Leverage The Google Local Platform

For you to reach out to a local audience, you can promote your site using the Google Local platform. Apart from Google allowing you to register your business information for free, you’ll also get promotion ideas for your website. In your promotion campaigns at Google Local, you can add pictures, use mobile ads, and feature promotional offers.  

The advantage of using Google Local is that your business can be displayed at the top of search results, thus giving your website greater visibility. Moreover, your clients can easily find your location and make calls using their mobile devices.

  1. YouTube Marketing

It’s generally believed that there are about one billion YouTube users each month. Given this data, consider leveraging vlogging on your YouTube channel to promote your website. For high-quality YouTube videos, use a camera or mobile phone that can shoot clear videos. Additionally, take the time to include captions in your videos. Finally, add a call to action at the end of your video that links to your website. Just make sure it will catch the attention of your viewers and entice them to learn more about your brand. You can use a lead magnet, including a free download, booking of space for a webinar, or free course registration.

  1. Guest Blogging

Take note of authority websites in your niche that you can write guest blogs for. Somewhere in your content, link the blog to your website. For instance, you can have the link in your bio at the end of the blog. Leading websites can improve the ranking of your website as Google crawler regards websites linked to authority websites as having relevant content. Do guest blogging for several websites to increase the chances of boosting the credibility of your website. 


Digital marketing is essential to every business that wants to improve organic traffic to their websites. However, you need to have a clear and executable marketing strategy that guarantees a return on your investment. If you don’t have the required skills for promoting your website online, you can hire an expert such as a marketing agency. You can focus on marketing your site on social media, doing guest blogging, promoting your site on Google Local, and advertising on YouTube.

Updated 12:16 PM UTC+8, 30 Aug 2021
Ken Karlo Staff
Ken Karlo Staff
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