3 Mistakes To Avoid While Recording Professional Videos With iPhone

06:48 PM UTC+8, 05 Jul 2019
3 Mistakes To Avoid While Recording Professional Videos With iPhone

3 Mistakes To Avoid While Recording Professional Videos With iPhone

Published 06:48 PM UTC+8, 05 Jul 2019

We are in the 21st century and our phones are better than everything; we use them for literally everything. Whether it is making a video or clicking pictures, our phones can do it all.

Most of the times we find ourselves, comparing the camera quality of other phones with that of an iPhone.

The reason is that iPhones are no well built to do a professional video even. All the bloggers we see don’t own professional equipment to record all those beautiful and professional videos, you don’t need all of that too if you own an iPhone. 

The key is to do right with what you have and avoid some very basic mistakes that anyone would easily make. If you are sure to avoid these problems, a clean and crisp video will surely come out.

Here are 3 mistakes to avoid in iPhone videography

Audio above all

We all know how annoying it is when the video isn’t in sync with the audio or its simply not of good quality. No matter how good the video is direction wise, if it doesn’t have good audio then all of it will be of no use.

This is why it's important to have crisp and clear audio in your video which can be done by adding some simple external equipment.

There are microphones available for iPhones which help you record the audio with ease. There is a whole bunch of them for you to choose from based on your requirement and use. If you are into YouTube videos and do that occasionally then these mics will be a really good investment for you.

There are various types of mics, like lavalier, X-Y type, and condenser mics. All these differ based on their use and how you will be using them to do good research on what is perfect for your profession and you will have the right answer.

Don’t forget lights

No matter how good the camera of an iPhone gets or how many features it has for night photography, there will still be certain limitations to the use of an iPhone camera in the dark.To capture a good video, you always need that perfect lighting and we all know what wonders can lights do on their own. Most people forget about lighting thinking what’s there on the camera is enough.

A good videographer surely knows the difference that is there. It is good to have external lighting equipment which helps you reimburse for the lack of light in the natural environment. If you are shooting outdoors, you will most probably get the right lighting if you have the right spot for your video.

As for indoors where you don’t get the adequate light, there are circular lights available and even ones that clip onto your iPhones. You can easily compensate for the lack of lighting this way. If you want to further enhance the lighting in your video, you can look at some videography tips that focus mainly on lighting.

Photography rules still apply

A lot of people forget the basic rules like the rule of thirds when making a video but follow them while clicking pictures. No matter which camera you work with, an iPhone or a DSLR, basic rules will always help you sail through easily. 

The benefit of following these photography rules is that guide you towards better framing and composition. Many videographers themselves make this very common mistake and end up with very different results than what they could have achieved.

It is not just the DSLR where these guidelines will help you get a better video, even on iPhone you can use the same and achieve commendable results. Most of the videos today are made on iPhones because those smartphones can do it. 

It's good to always go through these guidelines when you are developing the frames of your video. A simple rule of thirds will shift your entire composition from good to great. Using a grid to figure that out is the most helpful tip one can get.


It is always better to keep the mistakes you might make in mid. This way you won’t end up making the same mistakes and achieve results and videos that are worth applauding. We live in a world where everyone is watching every single detail of what we do each day. 

In the same world, it is important that we look at things with the same detail and avoid making basic mistakes. Most professional videographers know what a basic camera can also do if used rightfully.

Updated 08:22 PM UTC+8, 05 Jul 2019

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