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About Quadrant

Vast amounts of data are required for today’s businesses, but the process of data acquisition is fraught with problems. The data economy is murky with the data often fragmented and of highly questionable authenticity. This causes major issues for companies and products who rely on data. Despite this major issue, there is an ever-increasing need for data. Nowhere is this more apparent than with mobile location data.

As the demand for location data increases, there are now regulations to ensure that players in the space do not abuse the data they obtain. Examples of these regulations are the General Data Protection Act in Europe, and the California Consumer Privacy Act in the USA. Data providers that do not meet the requirements set out by these regulations face legal repercussions and must comply. Buyers of location data are also demanding that their providers of data be compliant, or risk losing business.

Quadrant seeks to bridge this by becoming an industry leading location data provider and providing data buyers with legitimate, authenticated and verifiable location data. Our technologies allows for the mapping of data into verified, compliant, usable, targeted location datasets that de-clutter the field of information for professionals and organisations, allowing them to use inputs relevant to their needs and to analyse them effectively, efficiently, and with confidence.

By creating an ecosystem that enables access to data that is authentic, traceable and mapped, Quadrant solves data challenges and spurs innovation.

For more information please visit: https://www.quadrant.io/

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September 2014
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