Why AI is the Future of Digital Marketing


Why AI is the Future of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has over the years, become a staple for many brands and companies all over the world. Increasingly, the benefits of digital marketing have become profitable in promoting the services of a brand.

From sponsored ads and social media awareness to an influencer strategy, digital marketing is arguably the best way to improve your clientele base. However, the catch is, as more companies are beginning to adopt the same methods, the search daily for the next big thing is on a high. One such strategy is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

What Exactly Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence isn't a new phenomenon, as it has impacted the tech community for a long time. It basically means creating machinery that can think/act like humans. Hence, it makes problem-solving way easier than you can imagine.

This science works hand in hand with machine learning and has influenced the prospects of many applications globally. As a matter of fact, many organizations are leaning towards AI and cutting-edge applications for problem-solving.

Artificial Intelligence produces so many exceptional results because of its method of operation. The software works by analyzing data, algorithms, and perform actions, as a result of programming. Also, it is designed to anticipate problems and adapt to certain circumstances, sometimes, without supervision.

Artificial Intelligence is usually divided into three main divisions;

  • Neural Networks: This usually functions by imitating biological neural networks, essentially by programming.
  • Machine Learning: This aspect essentially analyzes data and statistics to improve machine functions.
  • Deep Learning: This division computes multi-layered neural networks for more advanced learning

The roles mentioned above that each of these AI divisions play is greatly beneficial to any brand, regardless of the services/niche. The question, however, is how?

Here's Why Artificial Intelligence Is The Future Of Digital Marketing

The goal for a lot of organizations is to identify what problems the company might be facing and how reliable insights can fix them. The following are some ways artificial intelligence will improve digital marketing;

By Predicting Customer Behavior

One of the major ways Artificial Intelligence can revolutionize digital marketing is by thinking like users. Using Data Management Platforms, like Propensity, can help in identifying users who are more likely to respond to an offer.

By collecting data from your users across the internet, you can automatically personalize their needs and be sure of your target audience. This would also help you in formulating better marketing strategies. What's great about this is the fact that the data of multiple users can be compiled at a go.

Also, Artificial Intelligence constantly collects, analyzes, and interprets data for easy formulation. Hence, providing your users with the best experience effectively.

Personalized User Experience

Source: Pixabay

An essential part of improving your brand is a great customer experience. An amazing experience guarantees a loyal client and also, referrals. With Artificial Intelligence, you can provide a better service to your customers globally.

By collecting personalized data for each user, it is easier to tell what content a specific user can relate even more with. This is usually based on a prospective client's location, past search history data, and past behavior.

Also, there are advancements in AI for digital marketing where users can try out an outfit before purchasing online. This translates to a less percentage of dissatisfied customers and more successful purchases and engagement. Once a user feels like any content was created specifically for them, then you are assured of their loyalty and trust. 

Another amazing way to leverage this is by trying out e-mail marketing. Pushing out notifications and newsletters to users is, also, a great way to market your services.

Better, Real-Time Support

Source: Verifone

Providing support for your users is an important part of running a successful business. With Artificial Intelligence, you can do this effectively and efficiently, regardless of their location.

A very good instance is the incorporation of Chatbots, which give the impression of conversing with actual personnel. Chatbots have been designed over time to sound more like humans and can provide answers to basic questions.

Also, they can be designed to help with inquiries regarding orders like tracking and completing the process. With Chatbots, users globally can get swift support, regardless of time zones.

Studying Trends

Source: Pixabay

A huge ingredient of being successful online is keeping up to trend. Being knowledgeable about the latest trends, especially relating to search history can improve your business’ growth.

Many organizations utilize machine learning to understand more about purchase intent. This usually entails data about what users are willing to purchase based on search history. It, also, enlightens you on surface ads that are more likely to entice users to patronize a business.

This ultimately keeps you updated about the trends and helps in creating more attractive ads.

Improving Content Marketing

Source: Pixabay

Content is what drives digital marketing, and without it, every strategy will be unsuccessful. The impact of Artificial Intelligence in content marketing can be seen in the use of AI tools. According to research, over 51% of marketer utilize AI tools for digital marketing.

AI tools help in the studying of analytics and visitor’s intent. Essentially, if you need to improve your conversion rate, then you need to figure out what your users require. The following are how Artificial Intelligence helps content marketing;

  • It helps in identifying the most searched keyword relating to your business. Much like SEO, Artificial Intelligence has the ability to filter keywords. It can also help in spotting patterns and topics most users search for.
  • It helps in the identification of blog topics. As a marketer of a brand, owning a blog is a great way to promote your services. Utilizing tools like Crayon can help in identifying your competitor’s blog and topics. Hubspot can also help in identifying blog topics related to your brand.

To Wrap It Up

The ways mentioned above clearly express how digital marketing is going to and has already revolutionized digital marketing so far. Instead of constantly worrying about your next strategy, try using AI for your digital marketing, while you engage in more creative work.

Updated 09:19 PM UTC+8, 07 Sep 2019
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