14 Ways to Optimize Your Posts for Maximum Traffic


14 Ways to Optimize Your Posts for Maximum Traffic

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become the buzzword for anyone who is operating on the online platform. It is the way through which the search engines will find your website and give you favorable rankings. The advantage is more visibility and a chance to grow an organic audience. It is, therefore, essential that you understand SEO and its basics, and how it works. Let us go through some ways to boost traffic from your post.

What Is SEO And How It Works

SEO is the process you will use to build your organic traffic through search engines. It incorporates different facets such as the design of your website, the kind of content you post, whether your site is mobile responsive, and how fast the pages load. The search engines will also look at whether you have taken the necessary security measures like installing an SSL certificate. We have accumulated few tips that will help to optimize your posts for maximum traffic.

How to Get the Best Result from Your SEO Posts?

Have an SSL Certificate on Your Website? 

An SSL certificate will provide security for your website by encrypting any communication between the browser and the server. You get access to https, meaning your website is secure. Search engines such as Google will rank your site higher if you have taken the necessary security measures. You can easily find a cheap SSL certificate provider and buy SSL certificate depending on the requirement of your business.

Page Loading Speed

Search engines will give you a low ranking if your website pages load slowly. You must also remember that it is easy to lose the interest of your online visitors if it takes forever for them to open or navigate through the pages. Building internal links is also a fantastic SEO tool. You must, however, ensure that when the online visitor clicks on the link, it directs them to the right page fast.

Choose the Right Domain URL

The rule when choosing a URL is to keep it short, descriptive, easy to remember, and easy to spell. You should keep your URL short with changing default permalink structure. You should avoid using special characters in your URL. Make it simple and short.

Use Appropriate Keywords

One of the SEO basics is finding the right keywords. The search engines will depend on you to give them a basic understanding of the content through the use of keywords. It requires that you understand the audience and the type of words they use to search for products. You should have set of keywords and optimized pages to bring the best result in search engine.

Avoid Complicated Key Words

Confusing or complicated keywords have more competition. Look for those keywords that will give you reasonable traffic. Don't rack your brain, thinking about them; you will find many online tools that can help with the task of finding the right keywords.

Incorporate the Use of Long-Tail Keywords

Instead of using one keyword, consider the use of phrases that aptly describe your product offering. Use long keywords that consist 3-4 phrase. They are likely to rank in search engine as they carry low competition.

Placement of Keywords

Put keywords in the titles or subheadings for more impact. One trick is to use variations of the keyword in the content. Avoid stuffing keywords because the search engines will pick up on it and may penalize you. 

Click-Through Rates

A visitor to your website will only click on an article if the title catches their interest. A Meta description allows you to condense your article text, giving the reader a quick overview of what you will be talking about in your article. Ensure that you have the keyword in the Meta description.

Mobile Responsiveness of The Website

Google uses mobile-first indexing, meaning your website should be mobile responsive. Your focus should be on optimizing for mobile, but it does not mean that you will disregard desktop appliances.

Image Optimization

One way of how to improve SEO is through the use of images. Google image search is a fantastic way to get traffic to your website. Optimize through the use of alt text and appropriate descriptions. Large images will slow down the speed of your website.

Do Not Forget Your Social Media Platforms

Link all your posts to your social media platforms. You get access to a broad audience base, and your followers can share, repost, and comment, thereby giving you more exposure. 

Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are a part of search results and being shown before the first position in a box, video or a table. People are more likely to click on them before they go to the actual search results. Increase your chances of a featured snippet using paragraphs, lists, headers, among others. You will find fantastic tips online on how to increase your chances of being in the featured snippets.

Keep A Content Fresh

A casual blogger search will show you that fresh, original content is the best way to maintain relevance on the online platform. You will gain links and become an authority in your field. Long-form content and related keywords will improve your SEO.

User Engagement

The content you post should be engaging. Go for easy to read articles, link to relevant authority size, answer specific concerns and break the text with video, images and Infographics, among others.

Final Thoughts

You want your visitors to have a good experience on your website. The content should be interesting and adds value. Remember SSL installation is now a primary security needs and requirement to rank higher in search engine, so it is wise to Install a cheap SSL certificate to secure your site against any hacking attempts.  

Updated 11:41 AM UTC+8, 08 Feb 2020
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