The Top 7 Best Blockchain Games (Updated 2019)

11:32 PM UTC+8, 29 Nov 2018
The Top 7 Best Blockchain Games (Updated 2019)

The Top 7 Best Blockchain Games (Updated 2019)

Published 11:32 PM UTC+8, 29 Nov 2018

The extensive use of the internet and social media for interactive social games has been explored for various purposes. It is little wonder that the gaming industry now finds use on the blockchain platform.

The application of blockchain technology has found its usefulness in some industries. Based on this platform, developers have now created hundreds of interactive top notch games which has witnessed a huge measure of success.

Of course, the development of this technology is growing steadily with features like direct interaction with the developers, microtransactions friendly, openness and transparency guaranteed. These are but a few reasons why the blockchain based games are more-gamer friendly and have promising use in the future of the gaming industry in general. 

Without much further ado, here are seven blockchain games you will want to play today.

List of the games

  • HunterCoin
  • Spells of Genesis
  • Beyond the Void
  • Ether Quest
  • EtherWar
  • CryptoKitties
  • Cryptage Origins


HunterCoin is a uniquely cryptographically secured, innovative and interactive, decentralized blockchain based game. This decentralized blockchain based game has been around since 2014.

The HunterCoin game is the world first minable blockchain based game with about 42 million HUC up for mining.  The main feature peculiar to this game is the 80% of the coin are minable in a virtual universe which is in the blockchain platform. 

The virtual interactive game is played to collect coin which can be seen through the map. This game has the player vs. interactive player resource where the players have to fight over resources which are on the game.

Spells of Genesis

This is another equally interactive blockchain technology-based game you would like to play. Its virtual city of Askian requires a collection and carefully collected orb built deck to test against various opponents. The game is a combination of card trading and deck collection which is accompanied by strategy and arcade style gaming.

Beyond the Void

The game is a multiplayer based strategy game that was mainly developed for players interested in a multiplayer battle arena sort of game. This is also a fictional strategic game that is run on the Ethereum blockchain platform. The players take control of their battleship and try to take over the enemy planet while defending their planet. 

The highly interactive game is a step further in the development of blockchain based games and has many features that will surely make you want to stick to playing. 

Ether Quest

This is a uniquely created game where characters are trained to increase their value on the market. The Ether Quest game is an Ethereum based game that employs the use of Ether has the internal currency. 

The players are required to train their warrior and gain more ether when they battle in the arena. The players can equally sell their warrior in the marketplace for ether if they feel their investment is not yielding enough return.

The developers require players on the platforms to have an account set up with the Metamask.


This game was created based on a medieval setting. The competitive settings go head to head against one another to collect valuable gear in the changing digital ecosystem. This game also includes a marketplace where players can buy and sett items they are not in need of. The platform uses the ethereum technology platform and trades using ether. 

The developers of this game constantly add new and interactive events to the game which makes the game even more interesting as there are new challenges to be interacted with.


CryptoKitties is a uniquely created game where players breed unique featured kittens then sell them off in the marketplace using the ether. The different players can reach out to each other to cross breed kittens to create new and unique kittens on an agreed price. 

For players to be eligible on this platform for any sort of transaction, there has to be a set-up account with the Metamask platform.

Cryptage Origins

This is a next-generation blockchain based idle game. It is a single player decentralized game that installs you as the custodian of a crypto venture which is developed by collecting certain artifacts and in-game assets.

The marketplace in the game allows you to buy things you need and sell things you no more require using cryptocurrencies.


The games mentioned above are part of the larger amount of games that are based on the blockchain technology. They are still developing, but they are equally interactive in every way. The future of the online gaming industry and gaming, in general, is predictably going to be on the decentralized network

Updated 09:06 PM UTC+8, 01 Feb 2019

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