How to send Gcash to Paymaya Account

09:22 AM UTC+8, 02 May 2019
How to send Gcash to Paymaya Account

How to send Gcash to Paymaya Account

Published 09:22 AM UTC+8, 02 May 2019

This tutorial will help you to top up your Paymaya Account's balance using your Gcash App.

Paymaya is an app that gives you a virtual prepaid card for shopping online, booking flights and more. Depending on your mobile network. Like Gcash, Paymaya can also pay bills, send money, and more.

How to send Gcash to your Paymaya Account using Gcash App

  1. Open your Gcash app 
  2. Select "Send Money"
  3. On the Send money to Bank account, choose "Send to Bank"
  4. Then choose "Paymaya Philippines Inc." you can see it instantly if you're familiar with its logo from the options given.

From the fields below, you have to put the account number of your Paymaya account which is 11 digits mobile number.

After you tap the "Send Money" button, you will be prompt a confirmation page with a message,

Please verify the accuracy and completeness of the details before you proceed.
By clicking 'Confirm', you hereby accept full responsibility for this transaction done with your Gcash Account Number and MPIN.

After clicking "Confirm" Button, you will redirect to the success page and an SMS message will be sent to your Gcash account for the transaction you made and an SMS message will be sent to the Paymaya account number that he/she received an amount via Instapay.

For faster sending using Paymaya, you can save it in the app for future use.

For those who are asking on how to send Paymaya to Gcash, uhm, well, as of now, it's still not possible. I will make a guide if there is a way to do that.


Gcash app can let you send to any Paymaya account as easy as what the article says. If you still don't have yet your Gcash account you can make an account by clicking here.

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Updated 10:13 AM UTC+8, 20 Jul 2019

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