Optimize Your Content for SEO – 5 Free Tools to Get Started


Optimize Your Content for SEO – 5 Free Tools to Get Started

You've put your heart and soul into creating a terrific article or blog post. But now it's time to optimize that content for search engine bots. However, people often struggle with getting their content to rank higher in search results. So, to help you better optimize your content for SEO, I have put together a list of the (five) 5 free tools to get started. Thus, without any further delay, let's explore these free tools to increase your chances of ranking higher on the first pages of search engines.

Optimize Your Content for SEO – 5 Free Tools to Get Started:

Suppose you know how to optimize your SEO content. In that case, you can rank higher in search engines. So, optimizing for SEO is simple with these five tools. But apart from these five tools, don't forget the importance of keywords and meta-data when writing your pieces. That is just as important as SEO work as well. So, let's start the list of the top 5 free SEO tools for content optimization.

1.    MarketMuse – AI Content Planning and Optimization Software:

The first SEO content optimization tool on this list is an AI-based content planning and optimization web utility. Its name is “MarketMuse – AI Content Planning and Optimization Software.”

MarketMuse is a freemium web utility specializing in performing content research and writing with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The developers of this tool have designed it to save time for marketers because it speeds up the process of content research, creation and optimization.

MarketMuse uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to prioritize the best content opportunities and produce state-of-the-art topic modes. This way, it can create content on any topic without considering its complexity. But apart from the discussed fortes, several other aspects of MarketMuse are also worth mentioning. So, let's discuss them.

Why should you choose the “MarketMuse – AI Content Planning and Optimization Software” for SEO content optimization?

  • The free version of MarketMuse allows users to perform fifteen monthly queries and handle ten projects with one free account. This factor is the reason for putting this tool on this list, as the restriction of the free version is enough to do the job for beginners.
  • Unlike most valuable AI-based tools, MarketMuse doesn't ask for credit card numbers during its registration process.
  • As I've mentioned, MarketMuse first performs research on your topic. Afterward, it prioritizes the best content by organizing it according to relevance. So, it is a handy content audit and inventory tool.
  • MarketMuse contains a ‘Content Briefs' module that provides a real-time text editor, content readability score, and internal and external linking recommendations. So, it provides all the tools to write like an expert.
  • The topic models of MarketMuse provide interactive goals in the real-time text editor according to the users' content. Thus, it asks the users to achieve specific scores in their content to create SEO-optimized content.

But despite its impressive guidance for content writers, MarketMuse is not entirely perfect. So, let's discover the areas where it falls behind.

Reasons to avoid the “MarketMuse – AI Content Planning and Optimization Software” for SEO content optimization:

  • MarketMuse asks the users to input a business email during the account creation. So, the company has targeted this software for businesses instead of individuals.
  •  Its ‘Standard' and ‘Premium' pricing plans are expensive for individuals because the company has developed this software for businesses.

2.  WriterZen

Despite the increase in the ratio of digital marketing, some keywords are unserved or unattended on the internet. So, to access those underserved or unattended keywords, SEO experts use the Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) technique.

The Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) is probably the only technique for beginners to quickly rank their websites on Google. So, considering the importance of KGR strategy, the second spot on this SEO optimization tools free list belongs to “WriterZen.”

WriterZen is a shareware web utility that uses the KGR technique to perform keyword research. But apart from its keyword research module, the complete version of WriterZen is an all-in-one solution because it provides the following data (excluding the keyword research):

  • SERP data.
  • KGR technique (with one click instead of manual analysis).
  • Top ten results and their graph.
  • Google trends.

Other than the mentioned abilities, WriterZen also optimizes the content. So, SEO experts often claim it as one of the best all-in-one alternatives to ‘Surfer SEO,' ‘Squirrly SEO' and ‘MarketMuse.' Thus, for some reason, if you don't like the first tool, you can try this one. But let's hover over some critical benefits of using WriterZen for content optimization.

Reasons to prefer the “WriterZen” for SEO content optimization:

  • Like the first tool, WriterZen doesn't ask users for their credit card information during registration.
  • The ‘Keyword Explorer' module of WriterZen eliminates the need for other keyword research tools because it provides complete detail of your keyword. To give you an overview, the comprehensive keyword report of this tool includes the following:
    • Search Volume
    • Trend Cost Per
    • Click
    • Keyword
    • Difficulty
    • Keyword Golden Score
    • Keyword Trending
  • The full version of WriterZen also provides access to its plagiarism detection module, making it ideal for content writers.
  • One of the prominent advantages of WriterZen over MarketMuse is it doesn't require a business email for registration. So, it is ideal for individuals as well.
  • The ‘Content Creator' module of WriterZen uses GPT-3 powered AI-Writing Assistant technology to find the lacking content areas. This way, it can rebuild the content according to the guidelines of search engines and readers' behaviors.
  • With one click, this tool can create the best outline for any topic according to the practices and trends of top-charting competitors.
  • The intuitive UI of WriterZen makes it easier for users to edit the outline according to their needs.
  • WriterZen also suggests to users whether they should work on a keyword or move on.
  • If you have bought the premium plan of WriterZen, you can cancel your subscription at any time.
  • WriterZen provides real-time competitors' data, SEO analysis, and suggestions.
  • There is no need to provide login details to your team members because you can directly take their feedback with WriterZen.

Now, let's talk about why to avoid using WriterZen for SEO content optimization.

Why should you avoid “WriterZen” for SEO content optimization?

  • Being a shareware web utility, WriterZen provides a free trial of seven days only. So, users will have to purchase its premium plan after seven days to use its services without interruption.

3.    Semrush – SEO Writing Assistant:

Suppose the first and second tools are unknown or too complex for you. In that case, you can choose the third tool from this ‘Optimize your content for SEO – 5 free tools to get started' list. Its name is “Semrush – SEO Writing Assistant.”

The SEO Writing Assistant, as the name depicts, is an AI-based tool that checks the content's basic SEO, originality, delivery tone and readability. So, it is an excellent alternative to ‘Yoast SEO' and ‘Grammarly.'

When it comes to paid and free SEO tools for keyword research, Semrush is one of the most popular contenders. So, the SEO Writing Assistant is a module of the Semrush tool. So, it is hard to question the quality of its features. But let's hover over the main fortes of this tool.

Why should you select the “Semrush – SEO Writing Assistant” for SEO content optimization?

  • This tool is an all-in-one solution for on-page SEO writers because it measures the content on a scale of 10. So, the closer your SEO score is to 10, the more SEO-optimized your content will be.
  • It's normal for content writers to write hard-to-read sentences. So, with the help of this tool, you can quickly identify hard-to-read parts of the content.
  • There is no point in writing the content if it is not reader-friendly. So, this AI-based writing assistant checks the readability of scores in real-time.
  • Most bloggers write content in a conversational way. So, this tool can also detect the tone of your content, making it easier for writers to modify their content's if needed.
  • Being a state-of-the-art SEO tool, most users prefer using Semrush over other unknown and latest tools.

Some caveats of using the “Semrush – SEO Writing Assistant” for SEO content optimization:

  • Semrush – SEO Writing Assistant services are only available for writers who use Google Docs and the WordPress editor to write content.
  • Like the second tool, Semrush is also a shareware web utility. So, it provides a seven days trial for free.
  • Users will need to enter their credit card information to access the free trial of Semrush.

4.    PrePostSEO – Online SEO Tools:

The fourth tool on this free SEO tools for beginners list is a web utility of 95+ free tools. Its name is “PrePostSEO.com.

PrePostSEO is another freemium software on this list. But bloggers, SEO experts, students, teachers, and web experts consider this tool a free SEO checker because it does the job from an off-page and on-page SEO perspective without any cost.

As I've already mentioned, PrePostSEO contains a combination of more than 95 tools, the developers of this tool have divided the official website into the following categories:

Domain Tools – as the name depicts, this group includes all the domain-related tools of PrePostSEO. So, this category is ideal for the experts of off-page SEO. However, some highlighted tools of this category are:

  • Alexa Rank Checker
  • Backlinks Maker
  • Broken Links Checker
  • Domain Age Checker
  • Domain Authority Checker
  • Moz Rank Checker
  • Page Authority Checker

Website Management Tools – as the name suggests, this category of PrePostSEO contains dedicated tools for web experts. Some most highlighted entries are:

  • DNS Propagation Checker
  • DNS Records Checker
  • Google Index Checker
  • IP Location
  • Minify HTML
  • Server Status Checker

Writing & Education Tools – this group contains the essential tools for bloggers, students and writers. However, the following entries are the highlights of this category:

  • Article Rewriter
  • Grammar Checker
  • Image to Text Converter
  • Paraphrasing Tool
  • Plagiarism Checker

More Tools – this category includes some additional useful tools for web experts, SEO specialists, students, and writers. But the following entries are the highlights of this category:

  • AdSense Calculator.
  • PayPal Free Calculator.
  • Random Name Generator.

According to the above description, it is clear that the working of each tool of PrePostSEO differs from the other. However, let's hover over the reasons to determine why you should choose and avoid PrePostSEO for SEO content optimization.

Reasons to choose the “PrePostSEO.com – Online SEO Tools”:

  •   Using relevant keywords is not enough for SEO content optimization because internal and external linking also plays a vital role. So, the ‘SEO-friendly URLs Checker' of PrePostSEO ensures whether the users have used SEO-optimized links or not.
  •   Content originality is another crucial factor of SEO-content optimization. So, users can use the ‘Plagiarism Checker' of PrePostSEO to check the originality of their content.
  • Suppose the plagiarism checker of PrePostSEO finds any content duplication. In that case, users can use the ‘Paraphrasing Tool' or ‘Article Re-writer' to remove the copied phrases.
  • Producing reader's friendly content is another essential talking point of SEO-content optimization. So, users can use the ‘Readability Checker' of PrePostSEO to check the readability of their content.
  • You can use the browser extension of PrePostSEO to use its services on the go without opening the website.
  • PrePostSEO also contains a smartphone application for both iOS and Android users. So, users can download its application to use its services on their smartphones.

Why should you avoid the “PrePostSEO.com – Online SEO Tools”?

  • The plagiarism checker of PrePostSEO often provides unclear plagiarism results. So, it is not an ideal solution to check content duplication.

5. Paraphraser – Best Paraphrasing Tool:

As I've already mentioned, content originality is a significant talking factor affecting content's SEO performance. So, suppose a writer faces content duplication issues. In that case, he can paraphrase the content to avoid copyright issues.

However, the manual process of paraphrasing is challenging because the wrong paraphrasing techniques will also fall under the criteria of plagiarism. So, to avoid this, I recommend using paraphrasing tools. One such paraphrasing tool is “Paraphraser – Best Paraphrasing Tool.

Paraphraser.io is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based tool that provides human-level paraphrasing without affecting the original meaning of uploaded content. It works like a human because it first analyzes the text context with the help of Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology. Afterward, it uses the detected context to produce state-of-the-art paraphrasing results.

However, let's discuss some key benefits of using Paraphraser.io to avoid content duplication problems.

Positives of using the “Paraphraser.io – Best Paraphrasing Tool”:

  • Paraphraser.io is a freemium paraphrasing tool, as it allows the users to paraphrase a text of 500 words only with the help of its ‘Fluency' and ‘Standard' modes.
  • This paraphrasing tool can paraphrase the content written in multiple languages. So, there is no chance of facing language barrier problems with this tool.
  • It doesn't work on the synonyms-replacement technique to paraphrase the content. So, Paraphraser.io is a better paraphrasing tool than most automated solutions.
  • Users can either upload the document file from local device storage or paste the copied content to use the paraphrasing engine of Paraphraser.io.

Like the other tools, Paraphraser.io is not entirely perfect. So, let's hover over the significant drawbacks of using this tool.

A few drawbacks of using the “Paraphraser.io – Best Paraphrasing Tool”:

  •  This paraphrasing tool is not ideal for paraphrasing lengthy documents because you can paraphrase a document of 1000 words.
  •  For paraphrasing more than 500 words or to use the ‘Creative' paraphrasing mode, users will have to purchase its premium plan.
  •   Its premium plan is not worth-buying because better alternatives are available in exchange for money.

Bottom Line – the Conclusion:

SEO plays a significant role in online marketing for businesses and companies. As much as 91% of your search traffic comes from Google. So, it makes sense that you need great content to improve your site's number of visitors from a search engine like Google or Bing.

It doesn't matter whether the content is informational, controversial, or funny – producing content according to readers' interests is the only thing that counts. Now you may be asking yourself how to create SEO-optimized content. However, it's not as difficult as you think.

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