How WebRTC Video Chat Experts Provide Quality, Security, and Innovation


How WebRTC Video Chat Experts Provide Quality, Security, and Innovation

Have you ever thought about how video calling platforms are less latent, so the conversations are natural? That is where WebRTC rules. 

Unlike bulk-data transfer, real-time communication doesn't have the provision for recovering lost data, like a video frame or an audio clip. So without the option for recovery or backup, protecting video quality is crucial.   

WebRTC video call apps' ability to provide real-time streaming is influenced by various factors.  

WebRTC means real-time communication online. It allows developers to add real-time communication to their applications, such as real-time video and audio conversations, without delays. 

WebRTC Expertise is Super Rare

Only a few handfuls of engineers are specialized in WebRTC. This technology comes with the demand to always keep learning and not just stay afloat.  It requires one to stay up-to-date. And browsers keep frequently changing in order to WebRTC. So it is extremely important to keep pace with the updates.  

So only in-house engineering expertise can help achieve amazing results for customers. 

Better Quality Control and Bug Escalations

With this application, it is not possible to control the customer's network. However, troubleshooting Because of the nature of the application, controlling the customer's network is not possible. But offering complete troubleshooting can always be done with this application.  Every issue can be directly resolved instead of involving the customers doing the hard work.  

Other services offered by expert developers in WebRTC are to provide accurate bug investigations and escalations. 

If the issue is not in the application, then it is in the customers' network. But the key is not to overwhelm the customer with direct information as to where they have gone wrong. But to investigate further to find the exact cause to give the customer the best possible experience. Even if there is a problem with the other vendor networks, like the customer's cloud provider, it is resolved independently. 

So without a professional WebRTC expert, the platform and support would suffer to a great extent. 

Security and Privacy to Meet the Needs of Regulated Industries

The demand for WebRTC keeps rising as most businesses across different domains prefer staying connected through online sessions.   

Executives across industries vet MirrorFly WebRTC video call solutions for WebRTC expertise. They want to ensure that their calls are secure and protected from intrusions during live recordings. 

By working with a team that provides WebRTC expertise, the customer doesn't need to worry about security enhancements. A fully functional WebRTC solution has built-in security features that include:

  • Ground up privacy
  • GDPR compliant
  • Separate and secure meeting rooms 

Building Groundbreaking Features Faster (That Don't Weigh Down Audio or Video)

Expert knowledge, combined with a continuously upgraded application, performs well with other features. Video calls must be simple and enjoyable. 

Here are some key features that go along well with WebRTC video technology:

  • No downloads required: MirrorFLy works in any browser, so there is no need to download a mobile or desktop app. Carefully monitored network and browser environments ensure a higher quality than downloadable video call services. 
  • Scaling down video resolution: Our algorithm can scale the video resolution based on the user's network bandwidth. If the bandwidth is high, MirrorFly will display the highest possible video resolution. If it is low, we scale it down so that the video can be displayed without interrupting the audio. 
  • Emoji reactions and disappearing comments: Chat logs get long, which makes it hard to sort out questions and comments that require real-time solutions. To keep the engagement and interactions high and distractions low, emoji reactions are included, which is also fun. But this does not interfere with the video or audio quality. 

It's crucial to build features that don't slow down or negatively impact WebRTC. Unlike emails that take minutes, live video calls just involve milliseconds to exchange communications. So there's no time to resend data or conversions if something goes awry. So we proactively prioritize audio and video in case of discrepancies to avoid quality issues.  

We also process feature requests faster, like spin-up Breakout Groups quickly so our customers are equipped to offer smaller, intimate experiences to participants of large events. WebRTC video chats keep evolving. And we make sure real-time chats are indeed real.   

WebRTC vs. Websocket: Choosing the Right Technology

WebSocket is a protocol that allows an application to establish two-way communication with a server. Here, both the client and server can send and receive messages simultaneously.  

In traditional HTTP systems used by most websites, clients must initiate requests as the server cannot initiate requests independently. So clients have to keep sending new requests to the server. For instance, if you're chatting with a friend on a messaging app, you have to send a message to the server. But your computer must send additional requests to the server to check for responses. 

But with real-time voice and video interactions, clients have to continually send and receive information. Therefore, HTTP isn't suitable for real-time interactions. This is where WebSocket comes in, offering two-way communication supported by most modern browsers.

Making a WebSocket connection gets initiated with an HTTP request. The client sends a handshake request, specifying the requirement for a WebSocket connection. If the server is capable, it responds with a handshake. And the protocol switches from HTTP to WebSockets.

Once the connection is established, WebSocket sends messages using a TCP connection while ensuring that packets of information are reliably delivered.  

What is the WebRTC Video Chat App?

Another powerful technology for voice and video connections is WebRTC.  

WebRTC is a free, open-source application available on most browsers and operating systems. Popular brands use WebRTC to offer a variety of voice and video capabilities, such as making video calls directly from within their website.

Unlike WebSockets, WebRTC peer-to-peer technology enables direct communication between browsers and negotiates direct connections between computers using STUN (Session Traversal Utilities for NAT) and TURN (Traversal Using Relays around NAT) servers.

Upon requesting a STUN or TURN server, your computer can analyze your public-facing IP address. And allow other computers to know how to contact you.  

As the next step, your computer establishes a connection with another computer. And this is called “signaling.” WebRTC is flexible and supports a variety of protocols, including Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and COMET.

Choosing the Right Technology

WebSockets and WebRTC are both great options for real-time communications. However, WebSocket connections use a central server, making them suitable for situations where more than two users are involved in a conversation.

But WebSocket connections are not directly making the streaming less efficient, which impacts the quality of the audio and video. Therefore, for one-on-one use cases, WebRTC is the preferable solution. 


WebRTC video calling is a groundbreaking technology for real-time communications. And building it the right way and establishing it with the other networks is key to the success of this technology.

Developers specialized in building and delivering this solution can mediate throughout the process in terms of effective troubleshooting, offering unwavering quality, security, and all the advanced features to make every live call as interesting as a face-to-face conversation. 

Updated 09:08 AM UTC+8, 29 Nov 2022
Krishi Shivasangaran
Krishi Shivasangaran
Krishi Shivasangaran is a digital nomad and a veteran of Digital Marketing strategies. She is passionate about learning the newest trends in video APIs. And, when she's off-role, she loves to sketch and make people realize the true color of nature. 

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