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Published 03:36 AM, 12 Nov 2018  |  Updated 10:25 AM, 15 Nov 2018

How to Show or Hide Scroll Bar in Excel

By default, a horizontal and vertical scrollbar in Excel is displayed so that you can scroll through the data in its worksheets. Though, there are times that someone can't see this scrollbar and its hassle while working in your worksheets.

Follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the File tab.
  2. Click Options, and then click the Advanced category. 
  3. Under Display options for this workbook, select or clear the Show horizontal scroll bar checkbox and Show vertical scroll bar checkbox to display or hide the scroll bars. in your excel.
  4. Then Click OK.

See image below.

How to Show or Hide Scroll Bar in Excel


And that's it!

Photo by rawpixel via Unsplash 

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