How to Learn SEO at Home


How to Learn SEO at Home

While surfing the web, you'll probably come across an article discussing how Search Engine Optimization is a crucial online marketing tool. As a complex, multifaceted tool, SEO makes your site more visible. It can also help you position yourself as a trustworthy and authoritative expert in your field. Understanding SEO elements is vital for your success in online marketing.

While spending time at home, here's how to hone your mastery of SEO:

Understand What SEO Entails

Though businesses operate with different marketing goals, their shared desire is to increase revenue. When you improve your websites’ SEO, you get to rank highly on search engine result pages (SERP) and attract revenue-inducing website traffic. But what should you do to get here?

When learning more about SEO, the first thing to do is equip yourself with knowledge about search engines. Leading search engines such as Google rely on small programs known as "bots" to crawl the world wide web, find the index, and rank websites. With the knowledge of search engines, you should know the two types of SEO and learn everything you can about keywords as discussed below:

Learn How to Distinguish Between the Two Types of SEO

SEO takes the form of on-page (what you can adjust with your knowledge on SEO) and off-page (what other sites can change) depending on the party that controls the content. With on-page SEO, you'll be in charge of managing your webpages to please search engine bots and visitors. Your work will cover image descriptions (or alt text), meta descriptions, URLs, navigation, keyword usage, and formatting (H1, H2, and H3 tags). It will also cover other complex aspects such as analytics, which require a lot of cautionary work.

While dealing with off-page SEO, you need to rely on third-party opinions about your online content heavily. You can manage your off-page presence through social media marketing and by adding authoritative links to your website. Online mentions of your brand can help too.

Learn More About Keywords

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Keywords are essential SEO elements since they appear in your URLs, content, meta descriptions, and titles. Familiarizing yourself with keyword research is a crucial step in your journey to mastering SEO. You need to adequately research the words you want search engines to use when ranking your site.

Using the most frequently searched words as your main keywords may get your website to a larger audience, provided they suit your business. Keywords can either be long-tailed or short-tailed. Long-tail ones communicate more about your business and can attract interest from visitors. On the other hand, short-tail ones carry one or two words to focus on a particular topic or location.

Master SEO-friendly Content Creation

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Content featured in your informational articles, blogs, videos, and news releases can help you charm your way into search engines and your visitors' hearts. You need to learn how to create content that adheres to the best SEO practices. Written content is more favorable in SEO since search engine crawlers know how to sift through text pieces. As you master SEO-friendly content creation, embrace the following practices:

Learn More About UX Signals

Since search engines work with a shared goal of satisfying online users with the right results, user experience (UX) is a crucial aspect of SEO. It's essential to learn the various UX signals you can use to fulfill your visitors' expectations and make search engines to rank you highly on SERP. An example of a UX signal is dwell time, which focuses on the amount of time a visitor stays on your site before returning to the SERP. A longer dwell time may suggest that they may have trouble finding what they're looking for or your site's content appeals to them.

Click-through rates (CTR), which determine the percentage of searchers that click on a particular search engine result, also form part of the user experience. A CTR indicates the attractiveness and relevance of a search engine result when compared to others. You should also learn how to use Google's RankBrain, an algorithm that relies on machine learning to analyze visitors' behaviors to measure their satisfaction levels and preferences.

Research on How to Add Links from Other Sites to Your Content 

When you add links from other sites to your content, search engines will consider your site as useful and trustworthy to online users. Learn how to work with natural links, which may come from sources such as guest blogging. Knowledge of social media marketing is also crucial since you'll encourage more people to visit, share, and discuss your website.

Link building won't improve your site's credibility if you use questionable tactics. Learn more about white-hat link building and its benefits to website owners. As an expert white-hat link builder, you get to earn the general public’s admiration, trusted reviewers, and other industry authorities. The goal here is learning how to use natural links to establish a beneficial reputation that will boost brand awareness and strengthen your network.

Like anything worth learning, it takes effort, consistency, and time to master all SEO elements. The practices discussed above will give you a starting point. You should also keep up with search engine developments and industry changes to widen your SEO knowledge.

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