The First IEO Pre-Sales for EST at IDAX International Exchange

01:35 PM UTC+8, 19 May 2019
The First IEO Pre-Sales for EST at IDAX International Exchange

The First IEO Pre-Sales for EST at IDAX International Exchange

Published 01:35 PM UTC+8, 19 May 2019

EST (Event Sponsorship Token) will be launched on IDAX at 15:00 on May 18th for the first wave of IEO pre-sales. This is definitely an excellent investment opportunity for you not to be missed in 2019.

A total of 200 million ESTs were issued 50% of the 100 million ESTs are used as external funds for the purpose of establishing community marketing, introducing more well-known events, and increasing the success rate of projects’ sponsorship, thereby feeding back earlier support investors.

In addition, a user, whoever is a backer or an event planner, could become a premium user by stacking EST on the platform. A premium user can use EST as the following functions:

  • Sell Event Redeem Token(ERT) on the secondary market.
  • Secure a portion of the ERTs for the desired event before the public sales by stacking EST on that item.
  • Reduce the service fee incurred by the wire transfer.
  • Receive complimentary tickets given on an irregular basis.

The IEO will be held on IDAX and at least 2 leading exchanges gradually and upon completion will make a listing on at least 3 exchanges. Therefore, the EST issued by EvenToken Ltd. will be one of the top projects worthy of attention in 2019.

At 15:00 on May 18 (UTC + 8) IDAX will offer EST pre-sales through the initial exchange product. Special offers for participating users: The first round of prizes is up to 8%. The EST project provides a total of 6,666,666 ESTs for IDAX users in the IEO.

About IDAX

IDAX is an international exchange platform originating from GBC (Global Blockchain Research Centre). IDAX was founded in 2017, within several month, it gained to be in Top 10 exchanges of CMC rank. IDAX provides users from all around the world with convenient, safe and fast digital cryptocurrency transaction service. After launching Foundation in January 2019, IDAX has raised over $10 million among private investors and is now offering IDAX users the opportunity to support the leading project by EST purchasing. In the past year, many blockchain projects staged so-called public sales of tokens without a concurrent listing on a public exchange, increasing the likelihood of fraud and security problems. As one of the world's leading exchanges, IDAX values every user and uses various ways to create investment value for users, such as selecting outstanding projects and help users participate in project IEO, maintaining our relationship with users from a long term perspective.

About EvenToken Event Sponsorship Platform

EvenToken enables event planners to initiate sponsorship as early as possible through public sponsorship that will incubate even more interesting and meaningful events. In the meantime, sponsors will acquire either tangible or intangible return so that they are entitled to actively participate in the event planers’ community. Team members and partners of EvenToken are from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mainland China, Russia and so on. The core of team has been working in the international MICE industry for many years. Some of them had also worked for the world top 500 companies. The founder, John Sie, is an experienced entrepreneur, right now running the largest off-line ticketing and event planning platform in Asia – Accupass and Huodongxing– which received endorsements from world-class investors such as SAIF, Qualcomm, DCM, Recruit Inc., Tencent, and Ucomune. The users of Accupass have been breaking 30 millions, serving millions of events. Currently the team runs bases in 12 cities in Asia.

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