5 Best Bitcoin Segwit Wallet for Mobile Users

08:25 AM UTC+8, 01 Feb 2019
5 Best Bitcoin Segwit Wallet for Mobile Users

5 Best Bitcoin Segwit Wallet for Mobile Users

Published 08:25 AM UTC+8, 01 Feb 2019

Segwit or Segregated Witness, is a SoftFork of Bitcoin and was formulated by Bitcoin Developer Peter Wuille. It was initiated on 24th of August, 2017.

Bitcoin network is suffering as more and more transactions are made causing delays, and due to a huge backlog in processing, it takes hours to confirm a transaction. To solve this, SegWit was implemented.

The implementation of Segwit proposed as a means of scaling bitcoin to meet increased demand and expected to decrease congestion in the Bitcoin network which means faster transactions and much lower fees.

Within 1 year and over 5 months after implementing Segregated Witness to the network there are a lot of Segwit compatible wallets in Windows, MacOS, and Linux platform had been developed. Due to the high demand of smartphone users; more people use this platform as the ease of use. Why send bitcoins using desktop wallets where you have to open a laptop or PC where you just have to send only a couple of dollars worth in bitcoins while you can just pick your smartphone on your pocket and open the wallet app then ready for sending within just seconds.

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Here's the list of Bitcoin mobile wallet that is SegWit enabled.

Best Bitcoin Segwit Wallet for Smartphones


GreenAddress is a SegWit activated wallet integrates with both desktop and mobile devices, implementing a user-friendly interface. The first wallet who implement the segwit wallet address for mobile app (android and iOS). The GreenAddress team implements a multiple two-factor protection and authentication against any malware targeted to its users. It has hardware wallet support such as Ledger nano s and Trezor.  Multisignature addresses are supported between client and server, for a strengthen security.



Mycelium wallet is one of the established Bitcoin mobile wallets where its users can send and receive Bitcoins. After how many months of demand from its users, its now Segwit fully supported with bech32 and mixed-spending improved privacy. An HD enabled wallet that can be managed with multiple accounts and has thorough privacy features. Dynamic fee enabled where you can choose from Low-priority, Economic, Normal and Priority for faster confirmation. Mycelium mobile wallet is also a SegWit compatible to well-known hardware wallets e.g. Ledger nano s, Trezor, and Keepkey.


Samourai Wallet 

Samourai wallet is a simple and highly secured mobile wallet.  Stealth mode hides the wallet on the user's device. The only mobile wallet that has Replace By Fee (RBF) and Child Pays for Parent (CPFP) support where user can replace a fee from a stuck transaction, with dynamic fee enabled feature and custom fee supported. Has import and export functionality. And even has enable remote SMS commands to recover your funds in case of lost phone.


Electrum Wallet 

The Electrum wallet is a lightweight wallet, one of the secured, trusted wallet by the Bitcoin community since 2011. A used wallet for desktop that is fully supported in Segwit which can be used in mobiles specifically for Android users. Has a MultiSig support.  Private keys are fully encrypted and never leave its user's device.



Coinomi is a multi-currency wallet that support lots of coins including Bitcoin for Android and iOS. Using its user-friendly interface with built-in exchange where you can directly buy and sell bitcoin or any other coins using the in-app exchange. No IP association, no identity linking and no transactions tracking. Supported in English, Russian, Chinese and other languages.

Notice: Due to security vulnerability of coinomi wallet this February, even though they announced that their mobile wallet isn't affected of this vulnerability and due to it's closed source so for all you know they might do a lot of shady things without you knowing it. I may suggest that use this wallet for your own risk .


This list are wallets where you can fully control your funds, where these wallets may or never relies on a centralized service or a third party. So its users are fully responsible for the security of their device to protect their funds from malicious attempts of any kind of malware.

As time goes, I'm hoping that more wallet and even more exchanges will support SegWit to avoid a congested network and lower fees in the future.

Please always make sure you have backups of your master seed and private keys! Don't ever share that to anyone.

Remember, Not your keys, not your Bitcoins.

Updated 09:22 PM UTC+8, 08 Apr 2019

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