6 Android Apps For You To Try Out In 2020


6 Android Apps For You To Try Out In 2020

As the Android market expands, more and more new incredible Android apps surprise mobile users with mind-blowing concepts and approaches.

Let's discover 6 fascinating apps you should give a try. Professional app developers from Gravum.com focus on truly cutting-edge software solutions that you may not know, so they skip Google Drive, Youtube, and other top apps, as you probably have them installed already.

Google Opinion Rewards

Source: AndroidPolice.com

Feel like some premium Google Play content but don't enjoy paying for it? With Google Opinion Rewards, it is not an issue anymore. Here's how it works:

  1. You install an app;
  2. The app sends you surveys every 5-7 days;
  3. You answer received surveys to get extra money in your Play Store account.

This is an outstanding opportunity to earn some Google Play credit in exchange for your opinion on the places and things you've seen.


Source: LastPass.com

LastPass is a password manager for creating and storing strong account passwords on your devices. Here is why you need LastPass in your Android App arsenal:

  • LastPass generates exceedingly strong passwords. The app automatically creates and suggests the passwords hackers will spend eternity to crack;
  • LastPass is cross-platform. Generate and store your passwords on PC, tablet, or smartphone. LastPass synchronizes the data between your devices to ensure a holistic user experience;
  • Intuitive UI. There are numerous LastPass alternatives you can find on the market. Nevertheless, there are really few apps combining such extensive functionality, performance, and user-friendly interface.

Augment the LastPass app with its LastPass Authenticator extension to achieve maximum security and convenience of your everyday mobile routine.


Bouncer is a security application for granting temporary app permissions. Here's the deal: the majority of mobile apps request a set of data permissions to work properly. This is where it becomes a problem.

Privacy is invaluable to user experience. We all are not big fans of our apps have full access to images, messages, and other data stored on our devices. Fortunately, the Bouncer app addresses the issue. 

Bouncer enables you to manage advanced app permissions. For instance, you can deny location data access for all currently inactive applications. This means you get the full functionality of Facebook - for example - and don't allow it to waste your battery and gather sensitive information when not using the app.

Bouncer is a robust way to protect your device from the battery drain. It also prevents app companies from gathering your private data and selling it to third parties.

Solid Explorer

Source: NeatBytes.com

File browsing on the mobile is far less convenient than on PC since it's a touchscreen device, which means much bigger file icons and less filtering, sorting, and searching options. In case you are looking for a solution, please welcome, Solid Explorer.

The Solid Explorer app provides you with an extensive set of edges over a default file browser: Material design. We all appreciate the quality UI. Solid Explorer offers a Google-like material design for your pleasant user experience;

  • Cloud services support. Whether you use Dropbox, OneDrive, Mega, Google Drive, or any other popular cloud storage, Solid Explorer got you covered;
  • File archiving. The app allows you to create ZIP and 7zip file archives. What is more crucial, you can protect them with a password;
  • Rich UI customization. Custom icon sets, color panels, pre-installed themes, and many more features to make your Solid Explorer experience unique;
  • Advanced file management technologies. FTP, SFTP, SMB/CIFS, and WebDAV tools are available in the Solid Explorer app for advanced users;
  • Extensibility. Get additional Solid Explorer extensions from Google Play to make the app even more functional and powerful;
  • Drag-n-drop features. Transfer files by simply dragging needed ones from one browser tab to another.

If you are looking for a full-featured file manager for your Android device, consider Solid Explorer. it is a rare combination of powerful functionality and quality interface in this mobile app segment.


There are countless to-do Android apps for all preferences and objectives. TickTick is just the best one among them, and here's why:

  • The app enables you to share your content. Sharing your tasks and even entire categories made easy with TickTick. It is an outstanding feature since we all need to share our schedule with other people from time to time. Family, work teams, and groups of people with similar interests will appreciate the sharing function the most;
  • It can work offline. Offline schedule storage makes guarantees the access to your data regardless of cellular network and internet connection availability;
  • TickTick is versatile. The TickTick app is flexible. You can abstract from daily tasks, create grocery lists - for instance - and share them with your relatives you go shopping with.

If you seek the to-do app that doesn't force you to pay for essential features, lean towards TickTick.

Dark Sky

Feel like weather apps are extremely inaccurate? We've all been there: the weather app reports a "cloudy situation", while there's a raging storm in reality. The ones who can relate to this will be surprised how specific a weather application can be with the Dark Sky app.

Dark Sky is a hyperlocal weather software, meaning it can provide you with a down-to-the-minute weather forecast for an exact location you are currently at. It almost feels like magic. Dark Sky uses its homegrown weather prediction solution that makes it scarily accurate.

Mobile app developers continue to amaze us with new technologies every year. Make sure to check out 6 apps we considered to keep up with the 2020 trends.

Updated 12:14 AM UTC+8, 20 Jan 2020
Anastasia Gergun
Anastasia Gergun
Anastasia Gergun is a Marketing Manager and Content writer with 5 years of experience. She writes on technology, design, SEO and digital marketing. She is also a freelance photographer. See her Facebook profile.
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