Academic Backgrounds of Top Amazon Sellers in 2021


Academic Backgrounds of Top Amazon Sellers in 2021

Academic success is not a yardstick to measure the strength of a person, required to perform well in practical life, especially the business. One can do well after acquiring an MBA degree but that should never be considered as the rule of thumb. One may never really require doing an MBA to succeed as an entrepreneur while it may prove helpful to others. It is the personality and skillfulness of a person that defines his/her success as an entrepreneur. But that does not mean we can ignore the element of education at all. Education may not be able to implant skills but it will always ensure to polish a few at least. Education polishes the personalities and sparks creativity among individuals. But since we are not here to conjecture on whether to get an education or simply dropping it at the school level. So, let's get to how education could impact the success of entrepreneurs on Amazon. 

2021 state of the Amazon report tells a lot about the success and failure of the people that started the Amazon business. One can dwell on the data to get the results with comfort. One can also log on to to get the data properly parsed. A formal level consultation will surely help understand how education could impact the success or failure of the people on Amazon. Let's dwell further to see how it matters.

Education level of Amazon sellers 

Amazon sellers have mostly educated ones as it is always a little harder for people to succeed in practice without formal education. About 86% of sellers have obtained a post-secondary education before starting their career on Amazon. A professional Amazon agency can provide more tailored results. The following breakdown will however help you understand more about the level of learning of the Amazon sellers.

  • No high school diploma/GED completed 2%
  • Technical/vocational/other education 2%
  • Associate's degree 13%
  • High school diploma 12%
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent 43%
  • Master's degree 26%
  • Doctoral degree (Ph.D.) 2%

These diverse figures are explicit enough to describe the state of education of the Amazon sellers. The great figure of 43% of sellers having graduation level education is a fine indicator that education did help people in selling more of their products on Amazon. It could have helped them capture the insights better than others of the same race. About 26% of master's degree holders are also looking to succeed on Amazon. While a mere 2% of doctoral degree holders are also making the mark on the platform. Success is sponsored by education but it is about commitment and class in general. 

How Does a Degree Affect the Income of An Amazon Seller?

The income of the Amazon sellers will always depend on the effort they make to sell more of their products. It will depend on the quality of the product and how effectively it meets the needs of the market. But still, the seller's ability to market the things depends on the level of education. Now let's take a look at how education could impact the income of sellers in general. 

Net profit margin 

Since Amazon is an equal opportunity provider so it will continue to reward those who could make an effort in the right direction. Data reveals that almost everyone that succeeds in selling was able to attain and maintain good profit margins. Higher education had not had much to do with the profit margin of the people dwelling on the platform. About 27% of doctorate holders were found complaining about the profit margins. While high school diploma holders were found making more money than the graduates. 

Average monthly sales

The sellers with low education were able to sell lesser than the educated ones. But it is not about education alone. As described before, it is more about the commitment and resilience of the people striving to sell their products on the platform. Many sellers with only a high school diploma are selling more than the people with a college graduation degree at hand. 

Lifetime profit 

Lifetime profit has also never really inquired about the degree of the people. Many high school diploma holders were able to earn more than $100,000 as their lifetime profit. It was also particularly true about people making more than a million dollars in lifetime profit. 

What Successful Sellers Have to Say?

Many successful sellers believe that they had used their degrees to make profits on the platform. While many others believe that it was just their skillfulness and commitment that could help them stay ahead of the competitors. Here is how we can scale up this discussion. 

  • Self-reliance, problem-solving, networking, and research skills always depend on quality education.
  • Studying finance or marketing will always help in understanding the notions like sales and costs.
  • People who have learned English better or were able to study international business were at an advantage of making better dealings with the people. 
  • Interestingly sellers that have attended FBA courses like or classes about running the Amazon business were able to run their businesses better than anybody else.

One can make things happen for one's business by simply getting to know, how to run the Amazon business successfully. It is therefore always good to sharpen the skills required to run the Amazon business. 

What Do All Successful Sellers Have in Common?

Successful sellers could embrace success only by putting strenuous effort into the field. They were more dedicated and focused as compared to other sellers who were sitting idle and waiting for things to happen. This is what every successful seller believes as a top contributor to success on Amazon.

  • Having enough time to grow your Amazon business
  • Possessing drive and ambition to grow the business online
  • Being motivated to make money through constant effort and commitment.

Amazon success stories revolve around ambitious entities as they were always ready to expand. They have been eager and steadfast in their endeavors for a rapidly growing business. Growth remained in focus of all successful sellers and they continued to make more sales and hence more profits. Every successful seller was ready to embrace the change and challenges presented in online sales. 

All successful sellers were quick in adjusting, they were ready to work with,

  • Amazon support 
  • Could manage PPC bids better 
  • Were able to get quality customer reviews 

It is the story of all successful sellers and you can also make one by putting effort in real-time. 

Updated 06:47 PM UTC+8, 29 Nov 2022
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