How to Protect your Privacy and Earn while Browsing Online

10:53 PM UTC+8, 03 Jul 2019
How to Protect your Privacy and Earn while Browsing Online

How to Protect your Privacy and Earn while Browsing Online

Published 10:53 PM UTC+8, 03 Jul 2019

Privacy online is getting a lot of buzz these days especially after the entire incident pertaining to Cambridge Analytica. It’s no surprise that people are now looking for ways to privately surf the internet so that their information doesn’t get compromised. Well, let us ask you one question. What is the one tool that is needed to surf the internet?

You’re correct, one needs an internet browser to surf the internet. The most popular internet browsers include Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox as they provide an excellent user interface. However, one thing they don’t provide is privacy online. Browsers can track all your history, the sites you visited and all the moves you made. They use this information for marketing purposes as this is the reason why you get relevant ads. What if we were to tell you that you can not only have privacy online but also, you can earn money just by browsing online.

This is where the Brave Browser comes into play as its a revolutionary browser which helps you protect your information and allows you to earn from browsing the internet.

What about the Ads?

Well, you might be wondering how does the Brave Browser run ads while you’re browsing the internet. Firstly, the ads you’ll see in the browser will be targeted ads. However, this doesn’t imply that these ads’ target places were determined through your information. The thing is, Brave doesn’t store your data instead your browser itself collects data which is completely secured. In short, no one has access to your data, the ads are only driven through the browsers algorithm but no one uses your browsing data.

How you can Earn through Brave?

The earning process for Brave is fairly simple. This is done through blockchain technology and Brave uses Ethereum as its advertising currency. This advertising currency is also termed as BAT (Basic Attention Token). The thing is that Brave uses a completely decentralized distributed ledger to manage its advertising. This allows one to have complete control over privacy online.

Okay so, now that you know what the advertising currency is let’s get to the real question. How does one really earn through Brave? Well, the answer is simple, through advertising itself. Users simply get paid for watching ads, sounds too good to be true? Here’s how Brave does it!

  • The Brave Browser allows advertisers or marketers to buy ads for displaying
  • Publishers (People who publish content on the website) are paid and offered to display the ads on their content
  • Users viewing the content of the publishers will get paid by watching the ads
  • In all this process, Brave Browser will take its cut

So, the Brave Browser might sound too good to be true but one can only know after trying. As far as privacy online is concerned, your safest bet is the Brave Browser. It’s pretty good when it comes to speed and loading time as well. Give it a try!

Updated 11:12 PM UTC+8, 03 Jul 2019

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