I Hackathon Blockchain Marbella, Progress Towards a Digital world.

09:10 PM UTC+8, 01 Jul 2019
I Hackathon Blockchain Marbella, Progress Towards a Digital world.

I Hackathon Blockchain Marbella, Progress Towards a Digital world.

Published 09:10 PM UTC+8, 01 Jul 2019

Organized by the Blockchain Marbella Cultural Association, the event aims to become a national reference within the municipality of the Costa del Sol.

From 6 to 7 July 2019, the First Hackathon Blockchain Marbella will be celebrated in Marbella, in which participants will have 24 hours to collaborate with like-minded experts and stakeholders on distributed accounting technologies, Blockchain, Smart Smart Contracts, Tokens and Smart Cities to develop solutions that can generate changes for citizens and smart tourist destinations.

This event is organized by the Blockchain Marbella Culture Association and sponsored by local companies such as Geetsy and Aeternity. The Association has, as its main mission, to design changes for citizens and cities, using innovative technologies such as Blockchain. A technology that is becoming increasingly important at the commercial, structural and business levels.

Objectives of the Hackathon Blockchain Marbella

The objective of this event is to show blockchain's transformative ability to solve real challenges. The hackathon will begin on Saturday, July 6th with the presentation of challenges, launching ideas and training work teams, which will do so throughout the weekend to develop their proposal, which will be exhibited on Sunday, July 7th to choose the winners by the part of the jury.

Rewards for Hackathon winners

  1. 100,000 MAR
  2. 25,000 MAR
  3. 5,000 MAR

Profiles for participants of I Hackathon Blockchain Marbella frame within the figures of developers, designers, engineers, business experts and manufacturers. These profiles will have up to four challenges to choose from, being at the participant's choice to face any of them with the corresponding team formed on the opening day.

Add value with the blockchain

The most attractive thing about this I Hackathon Blockchain Marbella is the promotion of the design and development capabilities of computer applications, framed in the features of Blockchain programming, as well as teamwork. And to add that is not necessary any experience in these events or come accompanied by a team, since you can be part of one in Hackathon itself.

I Hackathon Blockchain Marbella aims to become a national reference, whose content provides a complete knowledge of new future technologies such as Blockchain. And a possibility for participants to face a new technological age, in their professional activity, opening up new fields of work that allow them to grow versus a digital future.

Information and contact:

Hackathon Website:  https://hackathon.marbellachain.org
Mchain Website: https://mchain.network 
Meetup: https://www.meetup.com/es-ES/blockchainmarbella/events/262707296/
Register: https://www.eventbrite.es/ e/entradas-hackathon-blockchain-marbella-64425045044 

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Updated 09:12 PM UTC+8, 01 Jul 2019

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