How to read Facebook Messenger's messages without being seen by other person

11:12 PM UTC+8, 13 Jul 2019
How to read Facebook Messenger's messages without being seen by other person

How to read Facebook Messenger's messages without being seen by other person

Published 11:12 PM UTC+8, 13 Jul 2019

We can't deny that Facebook messenger has many important uses,  as for communications, especially with its real-time feature of being known on who can see your messages in a group-chat or to someone you want to message to. 

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It makes easier to tell when someone is ignoring you or the other way around. Sometimes, some people's messages are somewhat annoying, in result, you're going to avoid their messages just for a moment of time or don't even feel like being contacted. Once you accidentally open the message, it will be marked as seen by you, and you're feeling obliged to reply even if you don't want to. Of course, you can block them, but that makes an excessive move and an illogical reason. 

So ignoring their messages or hiding your facebook status to feel them that you're away from your phone will do the work. 

But for this trick, as I read lots of tutorials online and found lots of them telling us to proceed to airplane mode will do the trick. I tried it on my account and to my friend's account, and, unfortunately, it doesn't work. 

Tried it too many times and get the same result.

So I tried different ways on how to deal with it and to catch the trick and fortunately, I've come up with an idea and it works. Yes, it works!

So, how did I make it happen?

Well, let's go to the most commonly used trick first, for some short messages you can read them on your notification panels, but for those longer messages, uhm, sadly not.

Now, on how you can read your facebook messenger's long messages without being noticed by the sender. 

First, just like what the other tutorials did, you have to enable airplane mode to turn off your internet connection.

At this time you can open and read any Facebook messages thread in offline mode without being noticed by the sender.

Next, once you're done reading all of the messages you want, and before you turn on your internet connection, make sure you mark all facebook's messages thread as unread by swiping left the thread and 3 buttons will appear and choose the first one, choose the "Mark as unread".

This is to prevent the function to initiate the Seen feature of Facebook Messenger.

And that's it, feel free to do it once you're annoyed of replying to someone or something related.

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Updated 11:50 AM UTC+8, 20 Jul 2019

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