How IoT will Impact the Future of On-Demand Domestic Taxi Transportation?

08:47 PM UTC+8, 29 Apr 2019
How IoT will Impact the Future of On-Demand Domestic Taxi Transportation?

How IoT will Impact the Future of On-Demand Domestic Taxi Transportation?

Published 08:47 PM UTC+8, 29 Apr 2019

Before we jump on the online taxi bandwagon, let’s first ask ourselves, what is IoT? If you had read about IoT before and thought, “Ummm…what is it again?”, You’re not alone. Let me provide you with a simple explanation of the Internet of things.

IoT connects all the things in the world to the internet. It helps extend the power of the internet beyond smartphones, computers and other smart-devices to a whole range of different processes, things, and environments. These “smart connected” things gather and send information to each other in the form of “data.” These valuable data is the results of the Internet of Things.

IoT has been on the news for quite some time; it offers well-crafted solutions from homes to workplaces. But let us not ignore the strong impact it has on our transportation system. The traditional transport network has been prone to unreliability and errors coupled with regular delays caused by breakdowns, accidents, and roadworks. With the on-demand taxi services booming,  IoT holds immense potential to disrupt the industry and take it to the next level.

IoT with the taxi industry

Taxies are known to be one of the most reliable means of transportation around the world. With leading on-demand taxi applications, users (drivers and riders) are connected via a common platform. These taxi services cater to millions of rides every day, hence gathering unlimited data with regards to distance, traffic conditions, fuel consumptions and much more.

These data fuels IoT to lay the groundwork for the future of the transport system. With self-driving vehicles set to become a common sight in 15 years, the Internet of Things will have its fair share of contribution towards efficient and secured transit from point A to point B.

IoT for entrepreneurs

With the rise of convenient services, on-demand taxi services have been witnessing tremendous demand in the market. New players have been trying their luck to enter the game with their very own on-demand Uber clone taxi application. But for any product to flourish, it should provide customers something unique coupled with seamless quality/performance.

With the optimization of data collected from global sources, IoT helps entrepreneurs perform their business more effectively, leading to happy users (drivers and riders) everywhere. With information like fuel consumption prediction, tire air pressure, roadblocks, weather and much more, IoT can help your taxi service perform smoothly and without breaking a sweat.

So, let’s assume you want to enter the on-demand taxi service game with your customized application. But how do you?

You can hit the drawing board and start with choosing the name, which may I add is time-consuming (instead of wasting) and very (like a lot) expensive. Or, you can save on both with your customized Uber clone app, and yes, it's a real thing. Clone app comprises all the leading features of the top service providers that can be easily molded to suit your unique needs

Who offers Uber-like app development solutions?

Well, I would recommend market experts AppDupe. They have been in the business for a long time, and they have been providing amazing solutions for all on-demand requirements around the world. Their powerful on-demand taxi app like Uber offers a stellar platform that connects drivers and riders with ease. And, you will receive state-of-the-art admin panel and dispatcher panel for seamless monitoring and control.


With the world connected with smart devices, the gathered data can help optimize the global transportation system. IoT combined with your robust taxi application is a sure slingshot towards success.

Updated 10:13 PM UTC+8, 29 Apr 2019

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