How Technology is Revolutionizing Architecture


How Technology is Revolutionizing Architecture

Technology has impacted almost every aspect of our lives. From smart voice assistants to fast internet technologies, it has been transforming the world at an astounding pace. 

For architects, technology is the opportunity to create more user-centric projects that align with client needs. They can use advanced AI technologies to assess various datasets and choose the right building materials and designs. Most importantly, they can use 3D and VR tools to accurately render building design.

In this article, we discuss how technologies impact architecture.

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Virtual Reality and 3D Animations Make Models More Realistic

In the past, clients who hired architects for complex projects depended on 2D renderings. While they could get the job done, 2D drawings did not tell clients much about the final result of their projects. Clients were often left wondering about their finished projects.

The rise of advanced technologies has changed that. One of them is 3D architectural animation services. While an architectural render is a single image generated from a single point of view, an architectural animation is a series of hundreds of images played simultaneously to produce a video. 3D animated videos make the entire project feel more realistic. Clients can better experience the space, its dimensions, and layout. Most importantly, it will understand the advantages of your design.

3D animation is the foundation for advanced technologies, such as virtual reality. Architects can use VR headsets to allow clients to explore the project in an innovatively. With the help of a VR headset, you can let clients explore the entryway, walk down hallways, open windows, and even open windows.

Climate Change Predictive Software

Climate change has a major impact on buildings. For example, a mild climate reduces the durability of building materials. Storms, snow, or water encroachment can significantly reduce building lifetime and increase the risk of collapse. 

That is why architects need to consider local climate conditions when working on new projects. Most importantly, they need to understand how the climate is going to change in the following years.

That is where climate changes predictive software steps in. It allows architects to predict how climate changes will affect the construction even before it is made. That enables them to create increase the functionality and durability of their buildings.

Smart Technologies Impact Home Design

Smart home technologies impact the architecture world on multiple levels. They increase home security, boost comfort, and maximize energy efficiency. Advanced home automation solutions, such as HVAC, security, ems energy management systems and lighting systems make homes more intuitive and pleasant. To meet clients' demands, architects implement smart home technologies into their designs.

For example, smart homes adapt automatically to various conditions, such as hot summer days. For architects, that is the opportunity to apply more flexible and transformative housing features. The possibilities are endless. In the future, architectures will create homes that change their entire exterior and interior design based on weather, mood, and similar variables. 

3D Printing 

Architects use 3D printing to create a physical model to showcase their work. Using a CAD program and a 3D printer, they can save lots of time and energy involved in creating a model by hand. Most importantly, advanced printing technologies let architects customize their 3D models choosing from a range of materials and colors.

For example, interior design has always been time-consuming and highly demanding. With the help of 3D technologies, architects can design complex furnishing and detailed decorative items much faster. Most importantly, they can automate the prototyping process without wasting human labor or pricey materials.

There are even 3D-printed homes that are build using mobile printers. These homes are made from sustainable materials and can be finished in just a few weeks. 

3D printing also allows for fast fixes. For example, if a client wants them to edit the project, architects can make the necessary changes in the software and re-print the upgraded model. Using 3D printing parallel with 3D animations, architects can increase the convenience of their projects and meet clients' expectations more efficiently.

Architecture Continues to Evolve with Technology

Technology is constantly evolving. It improves various aspects of our lives, from shopping to education. Architecture is no exception. It evolves parallel with the growth of technology. 

With the technologies mentioned above, architects can create buildings that support AI and home automation technologies. 

Climate change software lets professionals make informed project decisions and design more durable and quality homes. 

Finally, with 3D printing, 3D animation, and VR headsets, architects can create realistic presentations and help clients understand their schemes better.

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Updated 11:18 PM UTC+8, 19 Jan 2023
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