Delta Exchange — Legit and Secure


Delta Exchange — Legit and Secure

What is Delta Exchange? 

Delta Exchange is a prominent exchange for trading of crypto futures on and other crypto derivatives. Delta exchange allows leverage of up to 100X on futures and perpetual swap contracts. it offers. Bitcoin Futures are the most widely traded product on Delta Exchange. Bitcoin futures trading on Delta Exchange allows traders to go long and short on Bitcoin with high leverage.

Pankaj Balani, Jitender Tokas, and Saurabh Goyal launched Delta Exchange in mid of 2018. Within a short period of time, Delta-Exchange has generated good interest and has become a favored destination of crypto traders who like to trade with leverage. Delta Exchange’s robust trading engine which hardly chokes in times of high volatility and allows traders to take positions in times when competitors such as BitMEX are down has been a key reason for many traders to move.

Besides this Delta-Exchange has a strong focus on transparency. The founders and company pay special emphasis on this virtue and pride themselves in being a #TradersFirst exchange. Delta Exchange’s competition often has got a bad name because of frequent order submission errors and unfair trading practices. It is this opportunity that Delta-Exchange has helped Delta grow quickly.

The founding team and advisors have a past record of working in large investment banks such as UBS, Citi, Goldman Sachs. Delta Exchange has advisors who are also advisors to Stellar Lumen. CEO of ETHLend, which is a well-known crypto project is also an advisor to Delta Exchange.

Currencies Supported for Trading and Deposits 

Delta.Exchange is a crypto only exchange. The deposits and withdrawals are allowed only in Bitcoin. To trade user posts margin in Bitcoin and all profit and losses are in Bitcoin terms. Delta Exchange, however, has some cool features such as Convert-to-Stablecoin. This allows users to convert their BTC balances to StableCoin when they are not trading. Delta Exchange has futures listed on the following cryptocurrencies. 

1. Bitcoin (XBT)

2. Ethereum (ETH)

3. Ripple (XRP)

4. Stellar Lumen (XLM)

5. Binance Coin (BNB)


Delta Exchange offers some of the lowest fee in the industry and often has attractive customer discounts available. Fee on Delta Exchange are different for maker and takers. Makers get a rebate which is different for different contracts. On Bitcoin contracts, makers get 2.5bps to trade or negative fee. On Altcoin fee, the makers get as much as 5 bps to trade on Delta Exchange. 

Taker fee on Delta Exchange for Bitcoin is 7.5bps.

There are often good offers also available on Delta Exchange. Keep checking the Offers section in the main menu on the trading page after logging in to see the list of current offers. 

Currently, Delta Exchange is offering 15% discount on trading fee for new users for the first 6 months. To get this offer, register using the above link.

Customer Support

Delta Exchange has one of the best and readily accessible customer support. If you have any questions about how to use the platform or other queries you can send them an email at the support email mentioned on the platform or post your query on the company’s Telegram group or their twitter handle. 

The support is also very knowledgeable about finance and other concepts on futures trading. They are very courteous and always eager to help customers. 

Easy to use Platform

One of the best things about Delta Exchange is it's easy to use trading interface. Most trading platforms have too much information and too much data, which always confuses new users. Delta Exchange has done a good job in reducing the clutter on the trading screen yet making sure that all important information is available to traders in the main trading page without going to the new page. 

On the top right in the trading page, you have the contract selection drop-down. You can select from Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple, Lumen or other crypto assets on which you want to trade from here.

Once you have selected the contract to trade you can see its order book with current bids and offers, the order placing section where you can place limit, market, stop-limit or stop-market orders.  To the left is the charting screen which has all technical indicators available for easy analysis. On the top right are the account balance. 

The top right corner has the menu section, under which you have the following navigation available. You can the reference section to read about how contracts and trading work on Delta Exchange. 

Is Delta Exchange Secure and Legit

Delta exchange lays a lot of emphasis on security and safety of funds. The company uses best in class multi-signature wallets providers to secure the customer funds. Moreover the company only allows withdrawal at registered white-labeled addresses of customers and only allows withdrawals once a day. The founders of Delta Exchange have also spoken testing with decentralized derivatives to remove the risk of customer funds and launching third-party custody of funds to secure the funds. 

The team and people behind Delta Exchange are very credible. They come with experience of working with top brands in the world and have top educational backgrounds. They’ve all had impressive career and have had successes in their past endeavors. 

The constantly and quickly growing volumes of Delta Exchange tell you that it has been able to win customer trust in a very short period of time. Hence Delta Exchange is very legit. 

Conclusion - Should you use Delta Exchange

Of all the crypto exchanges out there that support leveraged trading Delta is the most user-friendly, has many different features such as Convert-to-Stablecoin, USD quoted inverse futures on Ether and other crypto assets, has a robust trading engine, lower fees and great customers offers. 

We give Delta Exchange 5 stars and highly recommend that you use Delta Exchange for trading cryptos with leverage. To sign-up in less than 30 seconds and get 15% discount on trading fee for first 6 months use this link.

Let us know what you think of Delta Exchange and if you have any questions about Delta Exchange by writing to us in the comments section below. 

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Updated 12:02 PM UTC+8, 11 May 2020
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