Bitmedia Crypto Ad Network: Scam or Legit?


Bitmedia Crypto Ad Network: Scam or Legit?

Bitmedia - the Crypto Ad Network that Makes Your Life Easier

Advertising has always been a major driving source for many businesses, bridging the gap between manufacturers and customers. By means of advertising, companies get a chance to market their products whereas consumers can choose the best goods for them from among the information they get

In the modern digitalized world, the ad industry is undergoing rapid and radical transformations, offering ever new ways and channels to reach out to various target audiences. The crypto space isn’t an exception. With so many authentic tokens and cryptos being launched by companies day by day, it’s only obvious that more and more crypto companies require efficient means of promotion and distribution. 

Bitmedia is among the progressive crypto platforms focused exactly on that - cryptocurrency advertising in a convenient, fruitful way. This ad network provides a perfect venue for publishers and advertisers where everybody can connect and achieve mutually beneficial goals easily.

Bitmedia Overview

Bitmedia is one of the well-tried-and-tested ad networks that help crypto enthusiasts and companies with their own cryptos efficiently find the right audience for particular projects. How? You can streamline online advertisements of your crypto with customizable ad campaigns and access to the pool of publishers and advertisers. Using real-time statistics, you can also enable clients to track ad campaigns’ progress and monitor performance rates.

But Bitmedia isn’t just about another opportunity to advertise a crypto project. What allows this provider to stand out among its competitors is its targeting options, allowing the advertisers to show their ads to the users they would exactly be looking for. The platform has been actively operating for 6 years so far. Hundreds of crypto providers already tried making ads on it and most of them point out a fast and efficient inflow of high-quality traffic.

How Does Bitmedia Work?

With Bitmedia, you can easily publish text ads, visual ads, and many other types of traditional and rich media advertising assets right within a developed publisher network. For the highest efficiency of the process, users can set in-depth customizable targeting to reach particular audiences and get the most profits. At the same time, publishers get access to an extensive database of advertisers, manage earnings from ads via a special interface, and use convenient ad inventory tools and other features.

How to Use Crypto in Advertising with Bitmedia

Before placing an advertisement, you should settle with the ad format and geo-targeting options to hit the spot. Different target audiences should be approached differently. If you are having trouble deciding which particular ad format to use, you can contact Bitmedia’s specialists to come up with the most fitting option. On the platform you can employ the following ad formats.

  • Text-based display ads for purely descriptive, info-focused advertising
  • Image-based display ads that work as efficient attention-grabbing clickables.
  • Rich media ads that allow for better engagement of the audience along with better flexibility in terms of sizes of the ad

That done, you can consider where you would like to see your ad. You may opt for some particular publishers or entrust this choice to the platform’s smart algorithms that will select the best deployment for your ad in accordance with the preferences of the potential clientele. And you can always monitor the sources in your website analytics and blacklist the ones that don’t appeal to you.

Bitmedia Benefits

Using this cryptocurrency advertising platform is highly advantageous for advertisers and publishers alike. For advertisers, there’s a prompt campaign launch, targeted traffic with a high click-through rate (CTR), and efficient performance tracking. Publishers can reap all the benefits related to CPC and CPM revenue models, multiple ad formats, and high-profile placement. Both categories of the platform’s users are provided with around-the-clock support and can enjoy affordable rates with the convenient payment system.

CPC and CPM revenue models at Bitmedia.IO

To make your campaign more focused, you can choose targeting settings (which you can fine-tune even when the campaign is on the way). These include geo-targeting (countries and regions that will see your ad), hour targeting (the specific time when your ad will be shown), device targeting (mobile or desktop), frequency capping (how many times the visitor will see your ad), and ad return (when your ad will be displayed to the viewer after the initial click on it). 

Geo-Targeting at

Some FAQs

  • Does Bitmedia accept fiat money or only crypto?

Bitmedia is primarily a bitcoin advertising network, so cryptocurrency is preferred. But aiming to provide smooth and convenient handling of financial issues for our customers, they pegged all calculations to US dollars. 

  • How can I withdraw money if I am a publisher?

After they have analyzed the quality of your ad traffic for 7 days, your profit is transferred to your main account. Now you can withdraw it to any bitcoin address on the condition that the minimum amount for withdrawal isn't less than 0.001 BTC.


With Bitcoin advertising, your products and monetizing your blog is greatly facilitated. Through Bitmedia ad network you get access to a large crypto audience, which will expand your business horizons and increase revenues.

Updated 04:55 PM UTC+8, 01 Apr 2021
Gary Blaisdell
Gary Blaisdell
Gary Blaisdell is one of the most interesting personalities in the current journalistic field. Most of his works, you can see in various journals, newspapers like The Times and others. He has already created several blogs and even cooperated with one of the most significant publishing houses ever.
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