Recently, Bitcoin transactions take much longer to confirm due to a massive backlog in the Blockchain network. If you make a transaction paying a lower fee, probably you will wait in a very long time, just kidding, it will only take 10 minutes to 4 hours or more (10 minutes is the average of confirmation time of every block to mine).

But it will consume your time waiting particularly if you urgently need the product or the service you want to purchase on that online store or marketplace.

To avoid that you should set a higher TX fee or transaction fee for the BTC transaction you're going to make. If you're asking which fee should you use, visit this site, it will show you real-time the recommended fee in satoshis/byte also if how many satoshis you should set. 

How Bitcoin Transactions Get Confirmed

Bitcoin miners processes transactions in the network, which they file the transactions you made into blocks and add those blocks to the Blockchain, once your transaction is successfully mined it will be confirmed as well.

Bitcoin miners use specialized software and hardware that solve mathematical problems and issues a specific number of bitcoins as a reward which is called Bitcoin mining.This presents as an incentive for more people to mine.

These miners operated by a group of people, organizations, companies, etc. who want to make a profit by investing their money by purchasing equipment and paying electricity.

Miners actually work together in order to mined bitcoin smoothly in a Mining pool. Where they pool their resources together and splitting the reward for equally according to the number of shares they contributed.

Now, if you have some unconfirmed transactions because you accidentally set the tx (transaction) fee to low or your wallet software has an error on it that cause the fee to set as low, you need these miners on a mining pool to confirm your transaction eventually in the Blockchain network.

List of Bitcoin Transaction Accelerator [Free/Paid]

Please be aware of some services out there who wants to deceive people, pretending they can accelerate your unconfirmed transaction in which they charge for a fee. Always make a research first before paying to these suspicious websites.

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