Yes, it's real, Samsung's much-hyped bendable smartphone is indeed real. Samsung showed their masterpiece at its annual developer's conference—a foldable smartphone that unfolds into a tablet. Which is called an "Infinity Flex Display." This phone, which will be called the Galaxy F or Galaxy X. Google also mentioned it would support the new Android operating system Android Q.

"When the device is closed, you have all the benefits of a normal smartphone. If you want a bigger screen, you can simply unfold it to reveal the full 7.3-inch display." Jason Denison, Samsung SVP of Mobile Product Marketing.


This Samsung bendy phone can run up to 3 apps simultaneously which called "Multi Active Window." Having an extra large screen display could make chatting to some friend in Facebook Messenger while watching a video on Youtube. Or taking notes while you are in a video conference call for a specific meeting.

"No swapping between apps, no closing one app to get to another." Denison said.

Better Gaming Experience

Well, gaming with a large display could make it easier to move, controls and have a better gaming experience. For games like PUBG mobile or Fortnite, you can use the other half for the game app while using the other half for communicating as a chat window with your teammates.


There still no lot revelations of specifications of this phone, it did discuss its new look and foldable phone in the annual developer's conference, but it did not go into the specs. There’s only one rumor about the specs for this foldable phone. The resourceful Samsung leaker Ice Universe said that the upcoming smartphone will feature a 7nm processor.

In addition to the 7nm processor, the foldable phone may be a gaming phone. 

Release and Pricing

So when we should expect this bendy masterpiece? Kim Jang-yeol, head of research at Golden Bridge Investment, said that the suggested retail price tag of the Samsung foldable phone, which the brokerage firm expects to be released in the first quarter of next year, could about 2 million won without subsidies from carriers, The Korea Times reports. And it converts over 1,700 US Dollar.

To wrap it up

Upon the release of Samsung's innovation, analysts expect that we will see smartphones manufacturer pursuing this kind of flexible phones.  Mark Hung, Gartner analyst, views these smartphones as a stepping-stone device to wrist-worn devices, including displays embedded directly onto headwear, clothing, and accessories.

"I expect that they'll find more uses in wearable designs," Hung said.