It may possibly not be a tremendous surprise that free to play or its abbreviated version F2P turned into a large business when the year 2018 ended. It is referred to as the year of the fortnite game. Its size is actually impressionable.

For those who have no idea what the free to play is all about, it will be explained shortly in this article.

A Look Into The Free To Play Platform

The free to play or F2P is referred to as a business model for majorly online games. Here, the creators of the game do not ask or expect the users or interested players to pay to join in the game.

However, their revenue is gotten from in-game trades such as upgrade payment, unique abilities, unique items and some expansion packages. Review is also gotten from advertisements.

It is worthy to note that, even if the creators say it is free, there is surely a way users pay. Such games without any open price but having plenty of methods to generate money garnered a whopping sum of $88 billion in the year 2018 alone.

This amount achieved gave the common games, television and even movies a run for their money.

Review On Its Market

The news going around about the free to play business is that the overall gaming market made a large sum of $110 billion. Majority of the money which is roughly $61 billion was gotten from mobile. Mobile is actually the habitat of the exciting platform.

However, its $88 billion revenue gotten from all of its platforms is noted to be tremendously adequate to generate an explosive top ten and a bigger tail. Nevertheless, the regular gaming still achieved some revenue.

The regular gaming is known as pay to play in which users pay roughly $60 to play. But in this platform, there is no recognizable investment. This platform is gradually falling in its importance though managed to gather the sum of $16 billion from computers and games all over the world.

Leading Games On Free To Play

The top earner of the free to play platform is its Fortnite that gathered the sum of $2.4 billion. Fortnite has a very large community of dedicated followers, and it's also found on diverse platforms.

Moving from Fortnite is a mix of computers, mobiles, Western and Asian games that have diverse styles. The total amount brought jointly by the top ten amounted to $14.6 billion.

Even with this, there was still a lot to share for the remaining titles. Majority of the free to play large revenues was gotten from Asia. There, one can see the Powerhouse establishments such as Tencent that have continuously pushed lots of games on the grounds of microtransactions.

However, the highly prominent Battleground; the hit game that kicked off the battle Royale frenzy, actually got revenue of $1 billion by itself. Surprisingly, the popular Grand Theft Auto V; a game that was created about five years ago, produced roughly $628 million.

To Wrap It Up

Finally, it would not be nice not to pay respect to the views on YouTube and Twitch. They both created up to half of the revenue for gaming videos. Twitch was, however, ahead of YouTube. 

All we can say is a big congrats to the gamer known as Ninja; the most watched Twitch streamer, and other gamers who are steadily generating a living from this intriguing market.A Look Into The Free To Play Platform